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According to recent statistics, up to 40% of British adults snore when they sleep. If you’re keeping yourself, your partner or the family in the house next door awake at night, it could be worth trying one of these tried-and-tested solutions. From the app that teaches you to breathe better to the supplement that promises to clear your airways, they all deserve a shot…

Beurer SL70 Snore Stopper, £144.99

Attach this discreet device to your ear before hitting the pillow and let it do the hard work for you. Its innovative technology detects snores in real time and alleviates them directly with gentle vibration pulses. It’ll even track snores in the accompanying app, enabling you to monitor behaviour over time and see if factors like stress or a glass of wine affect your breathing. 

Available here

Breathe Right Nasal Strips, £13.99

Sitting just above the nostril and lifting the sinus passage to allow for increased airflow, these single-use strips are ideal for mild snoring triggered by colds and allergies. They are also suitable for people with a deviated septum, a common cause of snoring. Not convinced a small piece of plastic can help? The internet is awash with five-star reviews of this simple product – just be sure to buy the right size for your nose for a snug fit.

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QuietOn Earbuds, €199 (were €240)

If you’re the one living with a snorer and seriously considering claiming the guest room as your own, then these noise-cancelling headphones are worth every penny. Using engineered soothing sounds to cover up unwanted noises, they’ll stay comfortably in your ears all night long, even if you sleep on your side. 

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Higher Nature Neversnore, £19.30

Concentrated with a unique blend of enzymes proven to assist the breakdown of mucus, this natural solution clears the airways and reduces the likelihood of snoring. It also contains MSM, a herbal ingredient that protects nasal tissue against environmental allergens and is particularly effective against pollutants from cigarette smoke, which increases the chances of a chronic snoring problem. 

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Kally Anti-Snore Pillow, £35

Developed by a team of sleep experts, including Harley Street doctors and osteopaths, this clever pillow has an ergonomic, S-shaped foam core, which supports the neck and gently tilts the head back, widening the gap between chin and chest and opening the airways. Promising to reduce snoring frequency and volume by 50%, this expert-approved pillow is well worth a try.

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Rhinomed Mute, £18.50

A nasal dilator may seem a little intimidating, but this plastic device sits neatly inside the nostrils, gently opening the airways, enabling easier breathing. In a recent trial, 75% of users claimed to snore less when using Mute and 73% of partners said they slept better. Mute comes in three different sizes, but it’s worth buying the trial pack that contains all three to work out the best fit for you (or your SO). 

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Nytol Anti-Snoring Throat Spray, £10.49

This foam formula contains a unique ingredient that coats the throat muscles, preventing them from moving and vibrating throughout the night. Simply spritz three sprays into the mouth immediately before bed every evening and get ready for a snore-free slumber. 

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Soundly App, from £8.03/month

Where most snoring gadgets focus on stopping you from snoring while it happens, Soundly takes a preventative approach. The app is based on research that shows snoring can be reduced by a structured set of exercises, which strengthen the muscles in your airways. Performing vocalisation sounds like ‘nee’, ‘naw’ and ‘ng’ engages muscles of the soft palate, clinically proven to address the root cause of snoring. With a seven-day free trial, this is one to consider.

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