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Whether you’re looking to take on a total body workout in your garden, smash a PB or speed up your recovery time, there’s never been a better time to invest in some at-home gym equipment. From weights to machines, here’s what’s worth the money…


SPRI Xertube Resistance Band Exercise Cords, from £27

Up the ante in your strength sessions with this versatile band, a great upgrade on a standard resistance band. Try anchoring one to a door or tree for even more variation.

Available here

Casall Soft Kettlebell, £76.06

With a soft neoprene finish, these kettlebells are ideal for protecting floors and avoiding arguments with the neighbours.

Available here

Blk Box TRX Fit System, £198

Stay in shape and maintain your goals anywhere with this cult suspension trainer. It can be set up in just 60 seconds and comes with door anchors, so you won’t need a pull-up bar to hang it off.

Available here

Romwod Swole & Flexy Mat, £81

Offering 6ft by 3ft of top-quality sports foam, this clever mat will transform any space into a fitness haven. Suitable for strength work, high-octane HIIT and your post-session stretch.

Available here


Weighted Jump Ropes, £17.50

This small but mighty piece of equipment provides a powerful athletic workout and an intense bout of cardio. A cost-effective substitute for any cardio machine.

Available here

Technogym 1Rebel Bike, from £2,450

If you can’t live without your weekly spin fix, consider investing in 1Rebel’s at-home bike. You’ll need to subscribe to 1Rebel on top of the bike price, but there’s no better endorphin-boosting workout.

Available here

Iron Bull Strength Power Gliders, £17

Incorporate these genius gliders into your routine to supercharge everything from mountain gliders to knee tucks. They work by creating instability and promoting increased strength and burn.

Available here

WaterRower, from £999

A time-tested way to build endurance and tone your shoulders, glutes and hamstrings, rowing is a low-intensity, full-body workout. WaterRower’s cult machines are the best on the market and, crucially, back in stock.

Available here


Tanita RD-545 Body Composition Monitor Scales, £433.64

For those who take their fitness seriously, these smart scales measure your body composition with medical accuracy. All of the data syncs with Apple and Google Health for proper goal setting.

Available here

Oura Ring, £321

Championing the notion that sleep aids recovery, this intelligent wearable tracks key signals from your body during the night, serving up insights that’ll help you harness your fitness potential. 

Available here

Therabody Wave Roller, £125

Crafted from hypoallergenic foam, this vibrating roller will increase blood flow and mobility before and after your workout. Ideal for runners who spend all day hunched over a screen.

Available here

Hyperice Mini Hypersphere, £80

With three vibration levels, this small but mighty massage ball will loosen and release trigger points in as little as 30 seconds.

Available here

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