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If you’ve noticed your hairline creeping higher and you’re not going to take it lying down, there are some things you can try. You can’t always reverse hair loss, but you can help prevent it. Here’s a selection of the products that promise to help you keep your hair on.


This is an all-round service that includes an online consultation with an independent physician, who will determine whether you require prescription treatment and then send you a treatment package containing hair-loss medication. The package includes a month’s supply of Finasteride tablets, which target baldness at the crown and centre of your head. Finasteride is a serious solution to hair loss as it blocks DHT, the hormone responsible for causing hair loss. If you think a simple shampoo isn’t enough to salvage your scalp, opt for this treatment plan.

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“If you look at the typical male pattern baldness that happens between ages 18 to 35, it is hormone related"
Dr Michael May FRCS

Kérastase Densifique Homme

For men who are looking for something a little less clinical, Kérastase offers a shampoo specifically designed to thicken thinning hair rather than inducing new hair growth. It contains biotin, as well as a range of essential vitamins, which counteract the conditions that cause thinning hair. After three months, your hair should appear thicker and denser. This product comes in a sleek black bottle and has a refreshingly fragrant scent.

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The Nioxin 3-Part System Kit 2 is designed to counteract progressed thinning, stop breakage and promote thicker hair. It includes a cleanser shampoo, scalp revitalising conditioner, and scalp and hair treatment. Like other hair treatments in this lineup, these products work to improve and salvage existing hair to prevent further hair loss. This is product is a good idea for guys who are just starting to experience hair loss, but aren’t keen on considering a more extensive treatment just yet. Use for six weeks to kick-start a fuller head of hair.

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Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo

This is a popular, affordable solution, if you’re not looking to splash out on a more extensive treatment plan. It acts as a preventative measure to combat the nutritional and physiological causes of hair loss – simply providing your hair with more grip. No fuss required with this product: simply wash it through your hair a few times and look for the difference.

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The constituent ingredient in Regaine is minoxidil, which is said to prevent hair loss by stimulating hair growth. As you age, your hormone levels deplete. Minoxidil helps by giving your hair follicles a boost of youth. This product often comes up as a reliable solution to aid hair loss and is endorsed by industry experts. So, for the 40% of men that will start to experience male pattern baldness by the age of 35, get a hold of Regaine Scalp Solution or Scalp Foam to turn back time on hair loss.

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“Regaine improves blood flow which will help with follicle growth.”
Dr Michael May FRCS

Revivogen MD Scalp Therapy

If you’re not keen on using chemical-based treatments like minoxidil or finasteride, try this. Revivogen contains a concoction of bioactive ingredients – such as saw palmetto extract and grape seed extract – to create a healthy environment for your hair. It also blocks DHT to reduce thinning hair and has been specially formulated by a dermatologist. Revivogen also has a range of shampoos and conditioners if you want the full package. This one’s pricey but, as it contains many active elements known to reduce hair loss, it’s worth trying out.

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Viviscal Men

Viviscal products are available in supplement and shampoo form to help keep your hair healthy. It is the most clinically researched brand globally. A bonus is that it is a naturally derived nutritional supplement which supports healthy hair growth from within. Available to purchase on the high street, Viviscal supplements come in varying options of strengths and can be used with their own shampoo and conditioner. If you decide to start a hair loss treatment, this is a good one to try first.

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"By using a DHT blocker, it can reduce hair loss but not totally prevent it, due to the aggression of it.”
Dr Michael May

AND For a more hard-core measure...

Vibrant Me Intramuscular Shot

Perhaps a more drastic treatment, this biotin shot is delivered directly into the muscle for greater effect. As well as fighting hair loss, it also promotes healthier hair and nail growth. Keratin, the protein that makes up your hair, requires biotin to restructure your hair. The idea is that a hit of biotin will induce greater keratin production to initiate re-growth and strengthen the hair you have left. Available at the Urban Retreat Medi-Spa department via an IV, this vitamin H shot delivers biotin straight to source.

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