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The release of Christopher Nolan’s hotly anticipated Tenet has been delayed again and it’s looking like there aren’t going to be too many blockbusters on big screens this summer. Instead, choose your own entertainment with SLMan’s edit of the finest new films, TV shows and documentaries landing on streaming services in August…

Anelka: Misunderstood

You might remember Nicolas Anelka from his time at Paris St-Germain, Arsenal, Real Madrid, Chelsea, Man City, Bolton… We could go on. The point is: he never really settled anywhere and fulfilled his immense talent. Dubbed the ‘Incredible Sulk’ by British media, the now-retired French footballer has taken to Netflix to tell his side of the story – from his time as a teenage sensation in north London to why he was sent home from the 2010 World Cup.
Available from 5th August
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Joaquin Phoenix won Best Actor at this year’s Oscars for the performance that dominates Joker. Todd Phillips’ film is the gritty origin story of the super-villain who has twice battled Batman on the big screen – first as Jack Nicholson then as Heath Ledger. In the aftermath of those two legendary efforts, for Phoenix to put his own stamp on the character is a remarkable feat. Channelling Robert De Niro in Taxi Driver, he charts the shocking descent of Arthur Fleck from troubled comedian to rampantly unhinged criminal. Catch it on Now TV in August with a Sky Cinema pass. 

Available from 7th August

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Rob Schneider: Asian Momma, Mexican Kids

In the late 90s and noughties, Rob Schneider had a decent run as a leading man in a string of Hollywood comedies: who can forget Deuce Bigalow: American Gigolo? or The Hot Chick – the one in which he was a criminal who magically swapped bodies with a teenage girl? Happily, Schneider is now back to doing what he does better. His first Netflix Original comedy special sees him reflecting on family life, and eventually dueting with his daughter.

Available from 11th August

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This new docuseries casts an eye over some of the more improbable branches of the wellness industry. First in line for scrutiny is apitherapy, whose proponents say honey bee products – including venom – can cure a range of health issues. Other episodes in this debut season zoom in on essential oils, breast milk, extreme fasting, ayahuasca and tantric sex. Want to know if natural hallucinogens from South America can save humanity? This is where you’ll find out.

Available from 12th August

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Boys State

Ever since Spellbound dived deep into a National Spelling Bee, competitive kids have been a rich seam for documentary makers. Boys State won the Grand Jury prize at this year’s Sundance film festival and was immediately picked up by Apple. By turns entertaining and unnerving, it follows the Boys State event, which has taken place every year in Texas since 1935, bringing together hundreds of ambitious young men to participate in a mock government. At a time of unmatched political polarisation in real-world politics, there is much to watch and learn from how the kids do it.

Available from 14th August

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Project Power

This is August’s most A-list streaming release. Project Power stars Jamie Foxx (Ray, Miami Vice, Django Unchained) and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (The Dark Knight Rises, Looper) as an ex-soldier and a cop who team up with a young dealer (Dominique Fishback) to contain a crime wave in New Orleans. The cause of the crime wave is a mysterious pill that gives a unique superpower to whoever takes it for five minutes. 

Available from 14th August

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The Great Heist

Inspired by true events, this Colombian Netflix Original zeroes in on the ‘robbery of the century’. In October 1994, thieves stole $33m from the country’s Valledupar Bank of the Republic. Six 40-minute episodes will tell the full story in the style of an action thriller, from planning to the crime itself and its far-reaching impact on Colombian society.
Available from 14th August
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Lovecraft Country

Jordan Peele (Get Out) and JJ Abrams (Star Wars) are among the executive producers of this big-budget, ten-part HBO drama. Based on a 2016 novel, Lovecraft Country follows Atticus Freeman, his friend Letitia and his uncle George on a road trip across 50s Jim Crow America in search of his missing father. Along the way, they face a dual threat: the racism of white America and some monsters of a more supernatural kind. Check out the trailer here.
Available from 17th August
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Ben Hopkins is a potty-mouthed, bad-tempered high-school basketball coach who labours under the belief that, if he can make a success of his current group of no-hopers, he’ll be on his way to the big time. Phil Lord and Christopher Miller – the directors of 21 Jump Street and indeed 22 Jump Street – are among the executive producers putting their weight behind this new animated adult comedy, whose debut season comprises ten half-hour episodes.
Available from 21st August
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