10 Instagram Accounts For Travel Inspiration


These days, anyone can post a picture and call themselves a travel influencer, making it hard to know who’s worth a follow. That’s why SLMan has compiled a list of the best Instagram accounts guaranteed to give you itchy feet and a bit of inspiration for your next trip away.


Adam Firman

If lush grasslands and rugged mountain-scapes are more your thing than oversaturated images of Instagrammers lazing in hammocks overlooking a picturesque Greek island (not that that doesn’t sound great), then follow this guy. Adam’s photography perfectly captures the serenity and solitude of the countryside at its best. A lot of his content comes from the snow-capped peaks of the Scottish Highlands and crystal-clear waters of the Italian lakes.

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Alécio Cezar  

Photojournalist and filmmaker Alécio expertly captures scenery in an untamed, tangible way. The places and people he photographs appear just as they would in real life: children playing in the streets of Brazil’s Piaui, queues of shined-up vintage cars in Havana, and starry night skies in the desert offer you a window into his world.

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Jack Morris

An object of true travel envy, Jack went from cleaning carpets in Manchester to travelling the world. His page is the ultimate travel guide, setting the precedent for how an Instagram travel account should look. From wooden beach houses in the Maldives to glass igloos in Finnish ice fields, this guy has been just about everywhere. 

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Jason Charles Hill

Yes, his photos will make you envious and have you wishing you weren’t sat at a desk all day, but you should really channel those feelings into doing something about that. To help you, Jason’s pictures are accompanied by informative soundbites. Give him a follow and you might learn something about the ice formation of the Ilulissat Icefjord or cloud inversion on the mountaintops of New Zealand’s South Island.

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Leo Cavazzana

Based out of Sao Paulo, Leo is quite the intrepid explorer. The landscapes he encounters are so surreal, they almost look fake. Amid all of the incredible scenery, what makes his Instagram so mesmerising is the up close and personal photos of wildlife he captures. Lions roaming the plains of Namibia, Cheetah cubs wrestling with one another and swimming with sharks in Mexico are all things you can expect to see here.

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THE Perfect Hideaway

Ever fancied jetting off somewhere but had no clue where to stay? This account is full of tastefully designed properties and fanciful destinations to choose from. The locations featured on this page have a rustic, exclusive charm, perfect for those who like to holiday in peacefully secluded spots surrounded by white-washed walls and ornately tiled plunge pools.

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Quin Schrock

This is a guy who clearly enjoys delving into the unknown and exploring beyond the realms of conventional tourism. Not many people enjoy zip-wiring across a mountain pass – seeing Quin do it instead is a great way to experience it without the vertigo. His page focuses less on hopping from one luxury hotel to another, and more on the true spirit of adventure, experiencing the outer reaches of remarkable countries like Colombia and Peru.

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Salty Wings

Viewing this Instagram is like diving into a glorious turquoise swimming pool. It’s beach after beach, with a smattering of rocky red cliff faces and epic desert-meets-shoreline images captured from above. It mainly features Australia, which is of course home to some of the most incredible scenery on Earth, particularly that famous coastline loved by water-sports fanatics the world over – as long as they manage to avoid the great white sharks that roam the surrounding warm waters.

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Sasha Juliard

While there’s no shortage of Instagram accounts dedicated to showcasing the island life of South East Asia, this one is an appealing mishmash of scenery, locations, events, wildlife and other exotic destinations travelled to by nomad Sasha Juliard. Not only does he go to a lot of really cool places, he also runs his own watch brand, from which the profits go to providing clean water to Cambodia. In particular, his page is a good guide to doing Bali the right way.

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The Adventures of Us

Sarah Louise Marks and Christopher Phelps are firm favourites of Condé Nast Traveller and have amassed quite the following. They are creative directors and photographers with a passion for all things design and architecture. Their feed is a mosaic of artistic imagery, carefully curated to give followers a real taste and perspective of the places they visit.

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