9 New Things To Stream In July

9 New Things To Stream In July


Streaming services have been doing some vital work these past months. From taking on major motion pictures to releasing their own original content, they’ve kept us royally entertained. This is the SLMan edit of the best films, series and documentaries that will be dropping on us in July…

Unsolved Mysteries 

First aired in 1987, Unsolved Mysteries is a much-loved US documentary series getting a modern revamp. Its creators have teamed up with the exec producer of Stranger Things to deliver this 12-part series examining some of the world’s most haunting cold cases. Paranormal activity, heinous murders and perplexing disappearances are all here, as each episode tells a different story, laying out all of the clues and theories in the hope that one viewer may hold the key to finally unlock the answers. 
Available from 1st July 
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Ju-On: Origins 

Netflix has dipped into Japanese pop culture for a series spin-off of one the country’s most famous horror film franchises. This particular iteration of Ju-On (aka ‘The Grudge’) is based on actual events that took place in a cursed house across four decades. Keen to establish the shocking events that sparked the curse, a paranormal researcher becomes obsessed with investigating the gruesome fate of a mother and child who lived there long ago. 
Available from 1st July 
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Another series adaptation of a popular film, Hanna is based on the outstanding 2011 action thriller of the same name. Back on Amazon for a second season, this one has now moved beyond the plot of the original movie. The title character is living without the protection of the father who raised her as an assassin in the woods of Poland. Having already learned she was created as a genetically modified child soldier, Hanna now discovers she is one of dozens of young trainees created for a CIA-led programme called Ultrax Regensis. 
Available from 3rd July 
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Stateless follows four seemingly unconnected strangers – a woman fleeing a cult, a brave refugee, a struggling father and a driven bureaucrat – whose paths cross at an immigration detention centre.  Co-created by Cate Blanchett, the series was seven years in production. Its six episodes add up to a thought-provoking reflection on real-world social issues around the treatment of undocumented immigrants in Australia and beyond. 
Available from 8th July 
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The Old Guard

Having established herself as an action hero in the relentlessly brilliant Mad Max: Fury Road, Charlize Theron takes on another lively role in this Netflix Original film. She leads a group of five mercenaries with a superhuman ability to heal – making them well-qualified protectors of humanity against evil over the course of a few centuries. Now Andy (Theron) must train the newest recruit for combat, while simultaneously grappling with the overwhelming burden of being immortal. Hunted by dark forces who want to replicate their genetic code, the group must now fight to protect their own freedom. 
Available from 8th July 
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Plans for Greyhound’s cinematic release were thwarted by you know what. Happily AppleTV+ has stepped up to give this WW2 drama a platform. Written by and starring Tom Hanks, the film chronicles one of the greatest conflicts in naval history: the Battle of the Atlantic. The drama unfolds on board the USS Keeling (call sign ‘Greyhound’) which is commanded for the first time by Ernest Krause (Hanks). Crossing the north Atlantic to bring Allied soldiers to the European frontline, Krause and the Keeling must lead an international convoy of 37 ships being hunted by a wolfpack of German U-boats. 
Available from 10th July 
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Cursed is based on a graphic novel by Tom Wheeler and Frank Miller, who are also writers and executive producers of this epic reimagining of the Arthurian legend. The fantasy series is led by Knives Out rising star Katherine Langford as Nimue, whose journey through the ten episodes culminates in her fulfilling her destiny as the Lady of the Lake. Along the way, she enlists the help of a young Arthur, who is on a quest to deliver the ancient and magical Excalibur sword to the wizard Merlin. Nothing is simple, of course, and the pair face a series of obstacles, meeting friends and foe along the way, including the Weeping Monk.
Available from 17th July 
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Spike Lee made an impact in June when Da 5 Bloods premiered on Netflix. The perfect accompaniment to that film is the same director’s BlacKkKlansman. This one’s based on the remarkable true story of police officer Ron Stallworth, who became the first African American detective to serve in the Colorado Police Department and found a way to infiltrate the Ku Klux Klan. BlacKkKlansman follows Stallworth (John David Washington) and his Jewish colleague (Adam Driver) as they work to expose members of the local Klan division. Set in the midst of the Black Power movement, this is a timely and often funny watch. 
Available from 24th July 
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Last Chance U 

The widely celebrated docuseries about college American football returns for a fifth and final season. Having spent its last two seasons in Kansas, the show shifts focus to Laney College in Oakland, California, examining the commitment, pressures and challenges faced by the players as they train to become future stars of the NFL. After winning the junior college title in 2018, Last Chance U follows the Laney Eagles as they fight to defend their championship. Fans of the show will also be pleased to hear Netflix has just announced a spinoff series centred on junior college basketball for next year.
Available from 28th July 
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