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With a fast-flowing stream of engaging, often brilliant content, Netflix changed the way we watched TV in 2019. And it’s not set to change in 2020. Here’s our roundup of the freshest series worth your time in January…


Political intrigue, religious debate and civil disruption make this series an exciting, edge-of-seat thriller based on a modern-day preacher from the Middle East. The story follows the mysterious ‘Messiah’ through the eyes of various narrators who are trying to understand why and how he has amassed a large following: is he a prophet sent from a higher power? Or a con man? Filmed in New Mexico, Messiah’s debut season runs to ten episodes. After a lot of hype, it’s been received well by critics, with a gripping plotline leaving many storylines to be answered in a second series.
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Henry Lee Lucas claimed to have killed hundreds of people at random across an eight-year period in the 80s. Though the veracity of his claims was questioned by officials who heard his confessions, he became a sort of celebrity. The Confession Killer traces the events that fuelled his rise to infamy. Enjoyed The Ted Bundy Tapes? You’ll like this fascinating story of a serial killer shrouded in conspiracy.
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This sci-fi fantasy actually landed on Netflix at the end of December, but its case for inclusion is undeniable. Henry Cavill plays Geralt of Rivia, a monster hunter who rides across ‘The Continent’ fighting and causing mayhem. It’s dark and complex, transfixing the viewer with a cast of strange characters with names you probably can’t pronounce. This won’t disappoint fans of the books or game and, because it’s easy to watch, it’s ripe for newcomers too.
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If you haven’t seen the first series of this cult favourite, which first appeared on Netflix at the end of 2018, catch up fast. Because season two brings plenty more devious antics from psycho stalker Joe Goldberg. Chances are you’ll be hooked after just a few episodes, intent on finding out what Goldberg will do next in order to win over his new obsession, a wealthy LA hippy girl called Love. There’s murder, corruption and plenty of nail-biting drama that will keep you glued to your screen.
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Netflix first recreated the 60s classic Lost in Space back in 2018. Now it returns for a highly anticipated second season. The Robinson family are still the stars of the show, but they have a host of new storylines to contend with. Season two opens with Jupiter 2 shipwrecked on a foreign planet, from where the colonists must continue their search for a new home for humanity. Expect adventure and intrigue in equal measure.
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Described as a supernatural archaeological thriller, The Gift is set in Istanbul, where a young painter named Atiye discovers the oldest temple on Earth. As it tells the spellbinding story of Atiye’s battles to solve the puzzles she finds, this Turkish Netflix original deals with ancient mysteries and symbols in a way that is both enlightening and interesting. It will appeal to those who enjoy unravelling Dan Brown-esque historical thrillers.
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Based on the legend of Jan de Lichte (essentially, a Flemish Robin Hood), Thieves of The Wood sees Matteo Simoni’s Lichte returning to his home town in Flanders after deserting the Austrian army. The show is engaging and gritty as it tells a complex story, with lots of fighting and cross words amid some striking visuals. Exuding period-drama appeal, it is a rare chance for a peek at 18th-century Flanders and the revolt against the Austrian occupation.

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Starring the two crime fighters from Childrens Hospital, this series follows the pair of American doctors as they uncover a deadly virus while working in Brazil. As they search for a cure, they become government agents entwined in an investigation into a conspiracy. With an ensemble cast including Jason Schwartzman, Medical Police is full of drama but with room left over for comedy, making it light-hearted as well as gripping. Childrens Hospital was nominated for eight Emmys, so its spin-off is set to be a good watch.
Available from 10th January

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