Why You Should Use Anti-Ageing Skincare Products

Why You Should Use Anti-Ageing Skincare Products


Ageing happens to the best of us so it's worth getting the tools for the job. And, ideally, you should start using them before the effects of a poor grooming routine start to show. SLMan spoke to Gregor Jaspers, founder of skincare brand The Grey, for the full story on staying fresh faced for as long as possible.

Jasper, what are the signs that your skin is ageing?
At some point, your skin will start looking dull and its elasticity will start to deteriorate. The first things you may start to notice are fine lines and wrinkles around the eye and mouth area. External factors like pollution or a poor diet will also have taken their toll, affecting your general skin condition.

And what tends to affect skin ageing – is it genetic or environmental factors?
It’s down to both. We are either blessed or cursed with the skin our parents pass down to us, but health and lifestyle also play a part in its condition.  

So, the big question: can you reverse the effects of time?
Sadly not. Even with cosmetic enhancements, you can still look your age. However, you can also still look great for your age. Youth is not just about your skin; it’s the way you move and talk, the quality of your hair – it’s more than just a wrinkle-free face. In order to fool time, it’s important to adopt a holistic approach. A healthy diet, exercise and the correct skincare are all needed to stay young. In terms of your skin, wrinkles are not what make you look older – it’s badly conditioned skin that does that. As well as a great skincare routine, look into things like IPL laser treatments, chemical peels and radio frequency lasers as these will strengthen the skin, improve its condition and help you stay young.

How do anti-ageing products work then?
When we grow older our body stops producing certain skin restorers like collagen. You lose moisture and elasticity as a result and this reduces the firmness of your skin. There is no miracle cream to remove wrinkles, but anti-ageing skincare products can replenish the skin’s lost properties by replacing or mimicking them. Hyaluronic acid has the ability to hold ten times its weight in moisture, giving your skin a plump look and feel; whereas retinol will help battle skin conditions caused by sun damage.


“It's not wrinkles, it’s badly conditioned skin that will make you look much older.”

What ingredients do anti-ageing products typically contain?
There is a mix of hydrating, skin-restoring and anti-ageing ingredients such as niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, vitamins C, B and A, and antioxidants. Retinol, which contains vitamin A, protects and restores skin against photo-ageing caused by sunlight. Right now, we’re seeing big developments with CBD oils as well. This is the beauty of the skincare industry: we are here to ‘feed the skin’ and are developing new recipes every day.

At what age should you be thinking about anti-ageing skincare? 
You can’t start young enough! Though it’s important to remember there’s a difference between skincare for anti-ageing and skincare to improve skin condition. If you suffer from acne or had bad skin as a young guy, then the right skincare can help with thisaking care of your skin in this way is something you can do at any age. With anti-ageing skincare, I would say to start at around the age of 25 because this is when skin stops producing collagen and starts to need a helping hand. Begin by focusing on hydrating your skin then, as you get older, shift towards anti-ageing skincare.

What sorts of anti-ageing products should men be using?
If you’re a skincare rookie, I would advise a simple routine – I could tell a guy who doesn’t regularly use skincare products to buy five different products, but then he’s guaranteed to end up using none of them. At the very least, use a good cleanser and face cream that are high in active ingredients suited for the face and eye area. If you’re more committed, add a serum containing retinol, vitamin C or hyaluronic acid to your routine. Also, if you have time, use a mask once a week. But the most important thing to remember is to wear an SPF – at least SPF 30 – every day, even when you are in the office. Look for an SPF with UVA, UVB and blue light protection. Blue light is the radiation from computer screens and mobile phones, and some research now shows it can age skin.

“Start taking care of your skin around the age of 25.”

So should you be using sun cream every day?
Yes! SPF contains UV filters which lose their strength after being applied to the skin due to sun exposure. For maximum protection, you should reapply throughout the day.

Okay. Now tell us a bit more about those serums you mentioned…
Serums have a totally different function to creams. Most serums are highly active and can provide things like extra hydration or help to even skin tone. See a serum as an extra boost to your skincare routine when you feel your skin is looking worse than normal. Apply serum before a cream, as a proper face cream is developed to seal active ingredients into the skin and protect it from pollution and dehydration.

Do you need to use a separate eye cream?
If you have a moisturising product suited for both your face and under-eye area, then you don’t need an eye cream. For example, we added ingredients for anti-puffiness and fine lines to the Grey 3 in 1 Daily Face Cream and Comfort + Face Cream. But if you use a product with fewer active ingredients, you might consider getting a separate eye cream.

Thinking of timings, what does an effective anti-ageing skincare regime look like?
The optimal regime can be split into three categories: daily; a few times a week; and once a week. First, you should be using a face wash every day, then a toner to prepare the skin for moisturising, followed by a serum (hydration in the morning, retinol in the evening), then a face cream (you might need an eye cream too) and SPF. Then, two to three times a week, use a light scrub or exfoliation. Once a week, use either a treatment mask, sheet mask, eye mask or overnight mask. But don’t forget: your diet is extremely important if you want great skin.

“There is no single best anti-ageing product. You should create your own anti-ageing routine.”

How do you work out the best products and regime for yourself?
There is no single best anti-ageing product. You can create your own anti-ageing routine, but it’s a journey towards finding what works best for your skin. Generally, this optimum routine will be a combination of good skincare and a balanced diet. Taking supplements containing skin-restoring properties can help, along with the right creams. Just don’t expect a cream to do all of the work when you drink a lot of alcohol, have an unbalanced diet, live a stressful life and don’t get enough sleep.

Thanks for your time, Gregor. Last question: is it okay to use your female partner’s skincare products?
Well, men and women have different skin: men’s skin tends to be thicker with larger pores, plus it’s far oilier. Men also shave their faces, so the skin is rougher. High-quality multipurpose skincare products actually tend to work better for men, but remember that men and women typically approach skincare in different ways. Ten-step Korean beauty routines have not created a big buzz among men because we prefer something simpler. Women may have dozens of skincare products, whereas four products might well be enough for most guys. The important thing is to get those products right.

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