8 Health Pros Share Their Go-To Treatments For Recovery & Downtime
8 Health Pros Share Their Go-To Treatments For Recovery & Downtime

8 Health Pros Share Their Go-To Treatments For Recovery & Downtime


Finding a moment for yourself can be easier said than done. We went to nine men in the health and wellness world to discover the treatments they book when they need some R&R…


Matteo Massaini

PT with A Body Forever

“Myoset in East India Docklands is my number-one choice for sports recovery. Its holistic approach is different to anything else out there. A mobility-based programme, the team covers massage therapy, physiotherapy and osteopathy to release muscle tension and allow you to move pain free. The practitioners are hands on and provide a unique form of manual therapy; they also provide restorative exercises to help you through the rehab and recovery process. The studio also offers Pilates and mobility classes for a real 360º approach.”

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Damian Soong

CEO & Co-Founder of Form Nutrition

“I’m grateful my gym has a hammam with an infrared sauna and steam room. I spend 20 minutes in the sauna after every workout. Heat exposure has many benefits, from heart health to hormone production, exercise recovery and mood. I’m also a fan of Morpheus 8 facials, which combine micro-needling with radiofrequency energy and heat. This stimulates a reaction in the skin, which can increase collagen and tighten skin to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. When it comes to wellness, it doesn’t get better than yoga nidra. Akin to a lying meditation and body scan, a 30-minute session provides as much rest as a longer nap, so it’s super efficient. I’m a creature of habit and repeatedly use Ally Boothroyd’s grounding forest bath yoga nidra on InsightTimer.”

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David Wiener

Training & Nutrition Specialist at Freeletics

“I have a Hydrafacial at Forbici in Knightsbridge every three months. It’s the only thing I treat myself to – I work long hours and find it tricky to maintain or commit to a skincare regime, so an intense, one-hour facial each quarter works for me and my skin. A combination of radio frequency and a peel, it’s a great, non-invasive skin-brightening facial that delivers every time. I’ll be turning 40 in March and over the last couple of years have noticed signs of ageing around my eyes and deeper lines on my forehead, plus I’ve noticed my skin can be sensitive post-shave. The Hydrafacial always does the trick – my skin feels smooth, brighter and tighter.”

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Rod Buchanan

founder of Bod By Rod

“I train the muscles in my body, so it makes sense to train my facial muscles too. FaceGym has some great facial ‘workouts’ – I always opt for a non-invasive Signature Sculpt to lift, tone and sculpt the face. It’s around an hour long, and always leaves me feeling refreshed and glowing. It drains away toxins to leave skin looking instantly younger. When it comes to massage, you can’t beat Cowshed. Walking into any Cowshed is instantly relaxing, and the massages are the best out there.”

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Alex Nicholl

director at BXR

“After a Saturday strength session (or after I’ve taught a class at BXR), you’ll find me working on my recovery game at London Cryo. Three minutes in the Cryo makes you feel alive like nothing else and the pain, albeit temporary, is worth every second, especially when it’s followed by a session in one of its infrared saunas. The red-light therapy combined with the deep sweat is great for your skin, boosting your immune system and removing toxins from the body. I also swear by the Superhum2n protocol at Hum2n in Chelsea. It comprises four treatments done in one single session, starting with a bespoke nutrient IV drip with light therapy to deliver nutrients deep into the system, followed by a hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatment then a final dip in the cryo chamber. You come out feeling like Superman.”

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Andrew Salter

co-founder of Dirtea

“ESPA at The Corinthia is the place to go for serious pampering. If I’m feeling sluggish or below par, I’ll book in for a lymphatic massage, which stimulates the drainage of excess fluid, cleansing the body of toxins. The volcanic hot and cold stone massage is also great for relaxing muscle tension and soothing stress. I spend most of my day behind a desk, do a lot of strength training and travel frequently, meaning treatments for my body and muscles are a priority to keep me feeling good both physically and mentally.”

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Sylvester Savyell

fitness coach

“Every week, without fail, I have a 90-minute sports massage with Rafaela Ntisiou at the KXU Medi Spa. I’m the first to admit my overall flexibility and mobility isn’t the best, but a deep massage ensures that at least once a week I shine a light on it. Rafaela has a clever knack of knowing exactly what areas need work and I always leave a session feeling totally regenerated.”

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Dr Wassim Taktouk

aesthetics doctor

“Mina Lee is my go-to for holistic treatment. She offers a 90-minute session that combines reiki, acupuncture, ear seeds and reflexology with a massage and facial. It’s completely bespoke and Mina has such a gentle and kind approach – I went to see her at a particularly stressful time in my life and I left feeling like I’d been hugged for 90 minutes. Meanwhile, Dr Christine Hall has perfected the skin reboot. She starts by treating your skin with a CoolPeel laser, then a couple of days later floods the skin with amino acids and antioxidants over three subsequent visits. It’s a complete skin reset that erases fine lines and rejuvenates the skin.”

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