9 Of The Best Health Subscriptions Money Can Buy
9 Of The Best Health Subscriptions Money Can Buy

9 Of The Best Health Subscriptions Money Can Buy


Subscription services can make it easier to stay on track with your health goals – or just simpler to restock your cupboard with the right stuff. Here are nine of the best to support mind and body…



Zoe is an AI nutrition coach that reveals your body’s response to food and provides personalised diet advice to retrain your biology and improve your health. Sign up to receive a kit that analyses your gut, blood fat and sugar responses to food via a stool test, finger-prick test and continuous blood glucose monitor worn for 14 days. Your results are then used as an algorithm that scores thousands of foods according to whether they’re good for your body or not, to steer you towards healthier eating habits. The app enables you to build personalised meal plans and chat live with nutrition coaches. 

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Investing in your health doesn’t get more bespoke than personalised supplements. Start with a 50-parameter blood test – a phlebotomist can come to your home if you live within the M25 – followed by a consultation with a nutritionist to discuss your results, before being sent a personalised supplement formula with a mix of 120 micronutrients. Bioniq comes as granules rather than capsules for optimal absorption – one scoop twice a day will get everything from vitamin D to magnesium levels back on track. Monthly blood tests will monitor trends and tweak your formula, ensuring you’re getting the right levels of what your body needs, while the app stores blood tests results and nutritionist advice. 

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AllTrails is the perfect way to make the most of the great outdoors. Enter your location and it presents curated lists of nearby walks, from popular trails to those less travelled or those that offer panoramic views. You’ll find over 400k trails worldwide, all of which can be sorted by length, difficulty or activity (hiking, running or cycling) – you can even filter by dog- or child-friendly trails. With an AllTrails+ membership you can download maps to keep you on track without reception; keep friends and family informed with the clever Lifeline feature that tracks your real-time location; and always know what to expect with weather overlays. 

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Many apps offer soothing sounds to help you relax, focus and sleep, but Endel is one of the few with an algorithm clever enough to customise soundscapes for you in the moment. Drawing upon inputs such as your location, environment and heart rate, it suggests playlists to boost productivity as well as aid sleep and relaxation. If you’re someone who struggles to get in the zone and appreciates background noise while working, check out the Deeper Focus soundscape, while stress-busting playlists produced in collaboration with famous musicians will bring peace to a busy day. Whichever you choose, using Endel regularly has been shown to increase focus by up to seven times, helping you concentrate on tasks and keeping you in the flow. 

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Borrowing its science from sports physiology, Lumen crams lab-grade tech into a portable breathalyser that measures the CO2 in your breath to identify whether you’re burning fat, carbs or both. The app uses your first morning reading and planned workouts to offer daily advice on how many carbs to consume, recognising when you can afford to cut back and when your needs are higher. The idea is that, over time, by hitting the right macros at the right time, you can train your body to switch more efficiently from carbs to fat and vice versa. In the process, you’ll experience better sleep, easier weight loss, muscle gain and a lower risk of metabolic disorders. 

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Since hitting the smart tech market, Oura’s health tracker has gained A-list fans including a raft of NBA players who were intrigued by its ability to detect illness in advance by tracking body temperature. Oura’s device – which comes with a monthly subscription – has taken a big step forward with the release of its third-generation ring, which tracks resting heart rate, heart rate variability, body temperature, sleep, recovery index and your previous day’s activity levels. Each morning, it provides a ‘daily readiness’ score, based on deviations from your own baseline that signals your capacity to perform at your mental, emotional and physical best. If you’re looking for a sleep and activity tracker that goes the extra mile, the Oura ring ticks all the boxes. 

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For PT and coaching on demand, it doesn’t get better than P3RFORM. The platform is headed up by some of the fitness world’s top experts – all with experience working within elite sport with professional athletes – and a subscription will give you a bespoke workout plan that focuses on lifestyle, mindset and movement. You’ll work remotely with a coach, who will check in daily, keep you on track and keep you progressing, providing tailored and specific feedback on all your activity. They’ll also recommend sessions with performance nutritionists, psychologists and physiotherapists to build a stronger body. Your programme can be fully integrated with your Apple Watch or Garmin, as well as My Fitness Pal, enabling your coach to constantly evolve your goals.

Visit P3RFORM.co.uk




As one of Hollywood’s leading action heroes, Chris Hemsworth is known for taking on roles that require serious physical transformation. He attributes much of his success to his team of world-class experts in fitness and nutrition – who are the same team behind Centr. Each day, the Centr app sends members workout suggestions, together with meal ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner and a post-workout snack. The workouts are tough but expect serious results. Many require minimal equipment, allowing you to work out at home or the gym. You’ll also be given daily meditation tips, guided breathing and visualisation exercises for the full holistic picture, as well as progress trackers that link to your wearable device. 

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Fresh Fitness Food

Whether you have trouble making healthy food choices or need a steer on portion control, Fresh Fitness Food will get you back on track. Start by choosing your personal goal, then talk to one of its nutritionists to personalise your plan. As close as you can get to cooking your own food without having to set foot in a kitchen, each meal comes fully labelled with its macros and is handmade by chefs the day before delivery. Hot meals on the plan require two minutes in the microwave, making them an easy after-training option, and the menus are constantly changing so you won’t get bored. Members also receive ongoing nutritionist support. 

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