The Best CBD Products For Every Concern
The Best CBD Products For Every Concern

The Best CBD Products For Every Concern


CBD’s been touted as a cure for many things in recent years – and there’s now some evidence it might actually work in some cases. These are the products we rate for seven particular issues, plus a recap on what exactly it is (no, it won’t get you high)…

CBD is a compound that’s extracted and processed from the flowers and leaves of the hemp plant. “CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, meaning it can be used to reduce inflammation within the body,” explains Fouzhan Shadidi, biohacking health coach at OptimallyMe. “CBD is also used as an adaptogen supplement. It has calming effects on the mind and body, which aids with sleep, stress, and anxiety management.”

When it comes to the type of CBD to look out for there are three types: full spectrum, broad spectrum and isolate powder. Broad spectrum is probably your best bet as it contains a range of cannabinoids and terpenes but without THC, the psycho-active constituent of the cannabis plant that’s illegal to consume recreationally in the UK.

If you suffer with excess stomach acid, sublingual drops that go under the tongue and bypass the digestive tract are the best option as stomach acid can reduce the bioavailability of CBD.

Other than that, it’s important to ensure you’re getting the best quality you can afford as CBD blends that have been mixed with filler ingredients like chemicals and solvents are commonplace. “Check for companies that are open about their sourcing, manufacturing processes, and testing certificates, as purity is important,” says Fouzhan. “You should also check for regulatory compliance: products must comply with local and national regulations regarding CBD and THC content.”

And now, here’s SLMan’s pick of the best products to try…

Best For Muscle Soreness

Muscle &J Joint Balm, £40 | PureSport

As well as containing a high concentration of CBD to soothe inflammation-related pain, this melting massage balm is loaded with magnesium, which helps muscles relax by blocking calcium uptake after exercise. Peppermint, lemongrass and a host of other invigorating extracts add to the soothing infusion.

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Best For A Healthy Scalp

Super Garden Cbd + Cbg Soothing Scalp And Hair Treatment, £34 | R+Co

Thanks to those aforementioned anti-inflammatory benefits, CBD-based haircare is a good option if you suffer from a sore, itchy scalp. This range also contains CBG – another derivative from the hemp plant – so you get twice the healing, soothing benefits in one. The shampoo and conditioner are great everyday staples, while this scalp treatment is designed to rebalance the scalp microbiome to boost hair growth and optimise hair health.

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Best For Sleep

Dream Drops 3000mg Cbd Oil, £39 | Trip

If you struggle to switch off after a busy day, CBD drops might help you achieve head-to-toe calm. Previously a purveyor of excellent CBD drinks, Trip has created a bedtime blend that combines super-strength 3,000mg premium CBD with natural adaptogens and sleep-inducing extracts of lavender and chamomile. Two drops held under your tongue should be all you need for swift slumber.

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Best For Calming Nerves

Organic Cbd Oil Drops, £234 | Serena Organics

Offering the highest concentration of broad-spectrum CBD in the market, these flavourless drops are a modern wellbeing essential if you suffer from frayed nerves or heightened stress levels. Formulated by Serena Organics, they have undergone rigorous processing and testing to ensure only the purest premium-grade CBD will pass your lips. The brand’s subscription service makes it easy to keep your supplies topped up.

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Best For Daily Wellbeing

CBD Gummies, £36 | Cannary

Sourced from premium hemp plants, and free from any nasties like sulphates, these orange-flavoured, vegan gummies are an easy and convenient way to get your daily dose of CBD. Their carefully crafted flavour profile means they’re actually a pleasure to chew. They’re available in regular or higher-strength dosages depending on your requirements.

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Best For Sexual Pleasure

Intimacy Sex Oil With CBD, £39.99 | Foria

The relaxing, pleasure-promoting properties of CBD make it a potentially great addition to your sex life. As well as helping to relax muscles and soothe tension, CBD is a vasodilator which means it encourages blood flow to the area it’s applied to. This silky oil can help enhance intimacy and pleasure, and can be used as a lubricant as well as a massage oil. Containing 400mg of broad-spectrum CBD, organic coconut oil and nothing else, it’s a great clean option for sexual play. 

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Best For Healthy Skin

CBD 300 Face & Body Cream 50ml, £130 | Chantecaille

Whether you suffer from dry, chapped skin during the winter months or are prone to redness and irritation after shaving, this multi-use cream is like a cashmere blanket for sensitised skin. It’s also packed with intensive hydrating extracts that leave skin soft and supple, but not sticky.

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