The Health Gadgets The Experts Recommend
The Health Gadgets The Experts Recommend

The Health Gadgets The Experts Recommend


From smart watches to sleep aids and tracker bands that measure recovery, we’re in a boom time for health gadgets. Some of these new devices are amazing; others could end up as expensive mistakes. To help you find the right tech for you, we asked the experts – and threw in a few top picks of our own…


The Training Companion

Fenix 6, £529.99 | Garmin

“Garmin watches are known for their accuracy in tracking distance and pace, which is especially useful for athletes training for a specific event and want to track their progress with precision. The Fenix can also track heart rate variability (HRV), which can be used as an indicator of physical and mental stress.” – Gavin Cowper, fitness expert and research manager at Exersci

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The Warm-Weather Tech

Heated Trousers, £226.99 (was £319.70) | HUUB

“As a PhD student specialising in environmental physiology, these have been a welcome discovery. They keep key muscles like the quads, glutes and hamstrings warm and improve blood flow, enhancing sports performance in cold weather.” – Gavin

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The Worthwhile Investment

Oura Ring, $349 | Oura

“The Oura ring tracks sleep and physical activity and uses a combination of algorithms to provide unique and detailed insights into your daily habits and overall health.” – Mark Gray, founder and CEO of FitWith

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The Smart Watch

Fitbit Sense 2, £179.99 (was £319.70) | FitBit

“This is a clever smartwatch that tracks a wide range of metrics including heart rate, stress levels and sleep quality.  When it comes to choosing a fitness tracker, read reviews – it can be helpful to get a sense from other users with similar goals of the pros and cons.” – Mark 

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The Skin Healer

Red Light, £309 | Care Lamps

“When it comes to exciting new tech, red light therapy is up there. Studies show it can reduce inflammation to improve the skin and speed up recovery after hard training. Try red light LED therapy solely on your face or hunt down a red light infrared sauna near you.” – Steve Doidge-Harrison, PT and co-founder of Bio Health & Wellness

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The Muscle Aid

Compression Boots, £699 (were £899) | Myomaster

“I love using Myomaster products – the compression boots and massage gun are great. The boots reduce lower-body soreness between weights sessions or rugby matches.” – Josh Davies, PT

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The Subscription

Whoop Band, From £27 per month | Whoop

“Trackers don’t get better than Whoop. It’s like having your own coach on your wrist. It takes into account your resting heart rate, heart rate variation, skin temperature and respiratory rate to determine how hard you should push yourself. I’ve used mine for two years and it’s helped my recovery significantly.” – Josh

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The Runner’s Pick

Watch, £299.99 | Wahoo

“If you’re into triathlons, check out Wahoo. It’s a powerful multisport GPS smartwatch that simplifies triathlon tracking, cycling and training.” – Ben Parker, head coach at Runna

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The Stress-Buster

Sensate 2, £299.99 | Sensate

Combining a pebble-shaped disc that sits on your sternum with a selection of soothing meditations provided by an app, Sensate emits gentle vibrations to calm your fight or flight response, relax you in the moment and improve your stress resilience over time.

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The Toxin Remover

Water Fliter Pitcher, £139 (was £168) | LARQ

 LARQ’s self-cleaning bottles strip tap water of bacteria, eliminating 99.8% of E.coli in a 20-second cycle, and its recently launched pitchers also eliminate chlorine, mercury, copper and other nasties from tap water for fresher, healthier water. Track your water intake on the app, too.

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The DIY Massage

Theragun Pro, £469 | Therabody

A chiropractor-developed tool, the Theragun Pro is designed for professional-grade performance. A rotating arm and ergonomic grip reduce strain on your wrists during use; it boasts an impressive five-hour battery life; and despite reaching 60% deeper into muscles than average massage guns, it’s one of the quietest on the market.

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The Sleep Solution

Sleep Aid, £89.95 | Morphée

“A tactile device to aid a good night’s sleep, this palm-sized tool relies on a series of three golden keys, which allow you to choose the theme, sound and duration of your sleep session. Similar to a white noise machine, it’s a handy way to aid sleep without the use of a screen.”

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The Pain Reliever

Venom Go Heated Massage Pad, £159 | Hyperice

Combining percussive therapy with the power of heat, this intelligent tool offers instant pain relief. It boasts three levels of heat and three vibration patterns, which together relieve sore, stiff muscles and promote wellness.

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The Energy Booster

SmartSleep Light, £149.99 | Philips

With stimulated sunrises and sunsets, in-built FM radio, a night-light function and breathing programmes, this clever bedside light will soothe you in the evening and gently ease you into the next day.

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The Space-Saving Kit

Dumbbell Connect, £250 (was £450) | JaxJox

Ideal for those looking to build strength with limited space, this genius piece of kit is the world’s first-ever digital dumbbell offering adjustable weights ranging from 3.6kg to 22.6kg.

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The Kit

Wave Rower, £1,395 | Hydrow

Engineered to mimic the feeling of being on the water, Hydrow’s industry-first rowing machine is the next big thing in at-home fitness. The 22-inch touch screen displays workout routines and stats, while the ergonomically cushioned seat provides a comfortable ride.

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