My Fitness Rules: Rickel White
My Fitness Rules: Rickel White

My Fitness Rules: Rickel White


Rickel White is the footballer turned fitness guru whose BodyByWhite programme has made him a name to know. Focusing on functional training and high resistance, his MO is building a healthy body, a sustainable lifestyle and ultimate body confidence for all his clients. These are his rules for a fit life.
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Discipline Is Everything

I started my career as a footballer at the age of 14, and this has set me in good stead to be disciplined in all that I do, from my training to life in general. Team sport is important to me for motivation and discipline, and I still play every week in the season. The structure it gave me as a youngster helped me with routine and repetition. 


Exercise Must Be Personal  

When it comes to training, I look at each individual and what their requirements are. There is potential in everyone if they have the right mindset. The White way is all about body and mind, with a touch of ambition to be committed to getting the desired results, which can change dependent on the time of year or events coming up. I work with clients not against them, and this is also the way I train myself.


Keep Your Goals In Mind

I want to always remain an athlete. My definition of an athlete is someone that works on themselves in some capacity every day to perform better throughout their day-to-day life. I do that through bodyweight and strength training, loads of lengthening and cable-based movements, and a few runs each week. 


Cardio Is Key

I love to skip, run and box. I find running very therapeutic. To me it’s a mental cleanse, and my preference is a scenic one – I love long runs on Sundays in Richmond Park. If I’m going for a sweat session, then I love sprints – they’re a blow-out. If I had the time to box every day, I would, because for me this is the ultimate cardio workout.


Don’t Underestimate Nutrition  

I have a balanced diet. I don’t deprive myself of anything, but I’m also mindful of what goes into my body. I advise my clients to be well rounded with their diets, unless they have a specific short-term goal that requires serious sacrifice or extra discipline. My favourite breakfast is eggs, berries and oats with nut butter and chopped banana. I also love energising fruits like papaya. 


Find A Way To Wind Down

I find this the hardest rule to follow, to be honest, but I love a hot bath. I find it relaxing before bed, with some mellow music like Brent Faiyaz and Erykah Badu. I can perform quite well with little sleep, but being my strongest and having the most energy requires me to have a good night’s sleep, so it is extremely important. I’m also keen on a sauna, preferable the banya, and a sofa day always has me ready for a new week of training.

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