What’s New In Health & Fitness This Month

What’s New In Health & Fitness This Month


From the app proven to banish sleepless nights to antioxidant-fuelled coffee, here are the new products changing the world of health and fitness in January…


It’s imperative to stay active when WFH. Save yourself time scrolling through YouTube and sign up to GRNDHOUSE, the first online studio to focus solely on strength training. Headed up by five former Barry’s Bootcamp trainers, you’re in good hands. The programme is based around eight weekly classes, each targeting key muscle groups with guidance on form and technique throughout. Each week culminates in the GRNDHOUSE Hustle, a live class led by all instructors. Your first seven days are free – all you’ll need is a set of weights.

Joe Wicks 30-Day Kick Start Plan

The king of lockdown workouts, Joe Wicks, is back with his latest plan, ideal for those looking to lose a few pounds and build fitness in as little as 30 days. Inside the book, you’ll find 100 recipes, ten HIIT workouts and weekly plans to help you smash your goals. Renowned for his fuss-free approach (he’s sold more than three million books in the UK alone), Joe’s method guarantees real results.
Visit Waterstones.com

Dynamic Nutrition Academy

Did you know that once you reach your 30s, your testosterone production starts to decline, increasing your risk of certain diseases and taking a toll on your muscle mass and physical performance? The world’s first all-natural supplement designed to combat testosterone deficiency in men through every stage of life, Dynamic Nutrition Academy’s formulas enable you to take control of your health. Offering three separate supplements – designed for men aged 25-39, 40-55 and 55+ - there’s something for everyone. Entirely steroid-free, the formulas are a unique blend of nutraceuticals, vitamins and minerals proven to support hormonal health.
Visit DynamicNutritionAcademy.com

Sleep School

If you struggle with your sleep, consider signing up to the Sleep School, headed up by the UK’s leading sleep expert, Dr Guy Meadows. Based on a unique type of CBT proven to be effective for insomnia, anxiety and stress, enlist on their 30-day course and receive a bespoke, science-backed sleep plan, featuring daily tips and private video bookings with a Sleep School doctor. The app’s content has been used by over 250k employees at the likes of HSBC and Credit Suisse, and your first seven days are free.
Visit SleepSchool.org


This clever, digital-free music and meditation box has been created in collaboration with French health experts to offer 200 different session combinations – ranging from guided meditations to soundscapes, all designed to help you drift off. Offering a slice of mindfulness without the need for tech (you’ll need to charge it, but the battery lasts around a week), this genius piece of kit is one to keep on your radar.
Visit Morphee.co

Exhale Coffee

If you can’t start your day without a strong coffee, supercharge your brew with Exhale Coffee, one of the first blends made from a special bean that’s packed with health benefits. Two years in the making, one cup of this nutrient-dense coffee contains the same number of antioxidants as 12 punnets of blueberries, 55 oranges and 1.2kg of kale. While it’s by no means a replacement for fresh fruit and veg, it’s an easy swap to make if you’re looking for a January health kick.
Visit ExhaleCoffee.com

Not Another Nutrition Podcast

For fad-free health advice backed up by science, look no further than Martin Macdonald’s podcast. Previously a university lecturer and practicing registered nutritionist, Martin has worked with the likes of British Weightlifting and Derby County FC. Referring to himself as a clinical performance nutritionist, he’s on a mission to educate others about the power of nutrition, minus the fads. With episodes focusing on everything from food intolerance testing to mindset and the science behind calorie deficits, no stone is left unturned.
Visit Martin-Macdonald.com


The ultimate addition to your morning smoothie, this sugar-free, plant-based protein powder is worth a try. Formulated by Dr David Jack, one of the capital’s top anti-ageing doctors, and his PT brother, Stuart, Musclemary is a blend of protein, superfoods and vitamins, providing a wide range of benefits in one scoop. All of the three blends feature a unique blend of ingredients proven to encourage fat reduction, as well as ceremonial grade matcha tea to keep you firing on all cylinders.
Visit MuscleMaryLondon.co.uk

Apex Rides

With gym memberships on hold once again, there’s never been a better time to kit out your home gym. Up to 60% cheaper than Peloton’s offering, we predict big things for the Apex. Unlike Peloton, there’s no built-in monitor (the interface is via your iPad or iPhone) but membership grants you access to live and 24/7 on-demand classes from top instructors, and just like in class, the bike displays an interactive leader board to keep you working hard. The bike also features a dumbbell holder to ensure a full-body workout.
Visit JohnLewis.com

Lumbar Traction Device

If a less-than-perfect WFH setup has left your back feeling out of sorts, this intelligent device will naturally eliminate pain and ease stress and fatigue. Simply wear the device for 15 minutes per day and let the EMS pads do the hard work – they can offer everything from vibrational massage to thermal therapy, electrical stimulation and dynamic stretching to release tension. Working to enhance blood flow and muscular strength as well as improve recovery, it’s a great tool to help with muscle spasms, herniated discs, trapped nerves and more.
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