What’s New In Health & Fitness This Month

What’s New In Health & Fitness This Month


From personalised supplements to at-home DNA tests, here are the new products changing the world of health and fitness in November…

Technogym Bench

The perfect companion for your at-home gym, Technogym’s latest piece of kit gets our vote. Ideal for compact spaces, the game-changing bench combines dumbbells, weighted knuckles, resistance bands and a training mat for endless workout possibilities. Use the elastic bands – which come in three resistance levels – to tone the upper body, while the hexagon dumbbells will complement your strength training programme; use them to isolate single muscle groups or for a full-body blast.
Visit Technogym.com

Nourished Gummies

Advocating a bespoke approach to health, Nourished offers tailor-made gummy supplements, which are also vegan, eco-friendly and sugar-free. Using industry-first technology, Nourished allows you to combine seven active ingredients in one edible gummy to suit your health needs, whether you’re addressing a vitamin D deficiency or looking to boost muscle recovery. Either make your own blend or buy a pre-made pack – we have our eye on the Inner Peace blend, formulated with calming maca and ashwagandha as well as energy-balancing vitamin B12 and CoQ10.
Visit Get-Nourished.com

Bio-Synergy DNA Test

Home DNA testing has never been more popular and the latest kits offer far more than an insight into your ancestry. By analysing 1,000 genetic markers, Bio-Synergy’s DNA & Epigenetics Testing Kit will tell you how to optimise your exercise regime and tailor your diet to your body’s nutritional needs. The test will also assess your propensity to skin and biological ageing, as well as detecting everything from bone mineral density and infection risk to metabolic rate and how your body distributes fat. Results are fed back through an app, providing you with daily insights – ideal for the data-obsessed health junkie. 

Visit Bio-Synergy.uk


If the darker, shorter days are taking a toll on your fitness motivation, a scoop of Blackwolf’s pre-workout powder will set you on your way. Used and endorsed by elite athletes, the formula is loaded with scientifically backed ingredients at clinically effective doses to supercharge endurance and power for all-round better performance. A blend of 11 ingredients – including creatine, beta-alanine and caffeine – and available in three flavours, Blackwolf brings all the fuel without the crash.
Visit Blackwolf.com

Floe Oral Care

Recent stats show the pandemic is wreaking havoc with our teeth, with 85% of millennials suffering from undetected tooth decay, so it’s a good time to prioritise your oral hygiene. Taking a fuss-free approach, Floe’s subscription service lands on your doorstep every quarter. Each box contains a dentist-approved toothbrush, two tubes of scientifically formulated toothpaste for different times of the day, and biodegradable floss. Your subscription includes regular consultations with a dental expert to keep track of your oral health.
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Just as the right pair of socks can make or break a run, it pays to think about your pants too. Runderwear’s new merino boxers have been specially designed for your sweatiest sessions, with silicone leg grippers to keep them in place while you pound the pavements. The natural properties of merino provide stellar moisture-wicking, breathability and anti-odour qualities, guaranteed to keep you comfortable and chafe-free.  
Visit Runderwear.co.uk

Proverb Sanitiser

Effectively sanitising hands on the go with an alcohol content of 70%, Proverb Skin’s sanitiser is the brainchild of an ex-Harlequins rugby player. Designed to keep bacteria at bay, this non-drying formula can also be used to keep gym equipment clean, and is made with wild peppermint, eucalyptus and lavender – all known for their anti-bacterial properties. The spray nozzle also avoids the common gripe of overapplying product onto your hands. For every product sold, Proverb will donate a bottle to the Air Ambulance pilots and medical crews.
Visit ProverbSkin.com


Four years in the making, TRION says it’s the world’s most advanced fitness app. Combining the knowledge of top personal trainers with AI, the app boasts more than one billion workout combinations, making it the most comprehensive fitness app in the world. Simply enter your vitals, select your goal and complete a series of tests to determine your strength. The app will then generate a four-week programme that will even personalise smaller parts of your session, including rest periods, number of reps and post-workout stretches.
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The Medicinal Chef

Dale Pinnock – aka The Medicinal Chef – is the kind of nutritionist we can get on board with. Taking an evidence-based approach to nutrition, he is one of the leading voices in the wellness world, and his first-ever supplement collection is informed by 26 years of industry experience. Designed to meet the challenges of modern life, its formulas boost energy, support the immune system and top up levels of vitamin D. The Fatigue Forma, for reducing cortisol and adrenal stress and improving cellular energy production, is well worth a try.
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