What’s New In Health & Fitness This Month

What’s New In Health & Fitness This Month


From the supplements worthy of a space on your bathroom shelf to the must-try workout and fitness gadgets, here are the new products changing the world of health and fitness in July…

Wim Hof

If a global pandemic has shifted your approach to health and wellbeing, Dutch athlete Wim Hof (aka The Ice Man) is one to follow. Holding numerous world records for extreme cold exposure (think 90 minutes in an ice bath and running Arctic marathons barefoot), Wim believes you can take control of your body through the power of the breath. Covering everything from his traumatic birth to the suicide of his wife, Wim is redefining our understanding of the human body in a quest to share happiness, health and strength with the world.
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This at-home test is the next-gen health hack everyone’s talking about. It all comes down to a simple pinprick blood test, which analyses glycans (sugars that coat your cells) to determine your biological age, i.e. how well your body’s cells are ageing. Lifestyle factors linked to glycan ageing include smoking, weight, diet, cholesterol, blood sugar, stress and exercise. Confirming there’s more to your age than the number of candles on your birthday cake, GlycanAge then provides a consultation to examine the risk factors that could be unknowingly sabotaging your health.
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KXU On Demand

KXU’s online iteration offers the same skilled instruction and results-driven workouts as the luxe studio’s renowned classes. Whether you’re after a 30-minute HIIT workout or a legs-focused TRX class, there’s something for everyone. Sign up and you’ll get exclusive access to the KXU store, where you can buy tricky-to-find dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands and more. Membership is £20 a month, with new classes added regularly.
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FuelCell TC

If you’re in the market for a new pair of trainers, New Balance’s latest design won’t disappoint. Engineered to meet the demands of marathons and regular training runs alike, this super-cushioned, durable shoe should shave a few seconds off your 10k PB. With a built-in carbon-fibre plate (embedded in the midsole foam, which essentially acts like a spring), this is New Balance’s first take at a competition running shoe, making it one of the most exciting sports launches this year. Surprisingly light and aesthetically pleasing, we predict big things for the FuelCell TC.
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Oral-B iO

Meet the Oral-B iO – the Rolls-Royce of toothbrushes. Featuring 250 patents (some of which have been six years in the making), it has a brush head that’ll remove six times more plaque than its predecessors; an intelligent pressure sensor for optimal gum health; and AI-enabled brushing recognition for 3D teeth-tracking technology. If that wasn’t enough, it comes with an updated magnetic charger, so no more pesky wires.
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Sissel SitFit

If you worry a sub-standard WFH set-up is wreaking havoc with your posture, this clever wobble cushion will strengthen your back and stomach muscles as you sit. When synced with the Upright Go app on your phone, it’ll vibrate when you start to hunch – ideal if you’re prone to stooping awkwardly over your coffee table or hunching on the sofa.
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The Fore Outdoor

Been struggling for fitness motivation recently? Get yourself down to Coal Drops Yard, where The Fore’s high-energy, gold-star trainers will ease you back into the game. The Fore’s main venue in the King’s Cross development is currently closed, but its team are taking things outside, holding small classes (capped at five people) in nearby spaces. Three classes happen daily: look out for Fore Restore, a 45-minute low-impact class that focuses on mobility and breathwork; and Fore Strength, a full-body HIIT workout guaranteed to get your heart racing. Pre-booking is essential.
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The Nue Co Prebiotic + Probiotic

Baffled by the world of gut health? The Nue Co’s fuss-free formulas are a good place to start. Delivering 15 billion spores per daily dose, this intelligent supplement has been designed to survive the pH of stomach acid in order to aid digestion and stabilise blood sugar levels. Unlike other probiotics, it doesn’t need to be kept in the fridge, and also contains a hefty dose of prebiotics, which feed the friendly bacteria in your gut and encourage your microbiome to thrive.
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OTO CBD Sleep Drops

Whether it’s the stress of looming deadlines, home-schooling or soaring temperatures that’s keeping you awake at night, OTO’s CBD Sleep Drops promise a good night’s sleep. Combining high-strength CBD with functional botanicals such as lavender and chamomile, just half a pipette serves up a bliss-inducing 50mg of CBD, calming even the most frazzled of minds to ensure a restorative slumber. For best results, take just before bed.
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Whether you’re looking for an alternative to public transport or to save a few pennies, Buzzbike is making cycling in the capital easier than ever. From £29.99 per month, you’ll get your own bike, complete with insurance and on-demand maintenance. Membership also gives you significant discounts on essential kit like helmets and weekly rewards such as free coffee for riding your first Monday to Friday commute.
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Did you know the light emitted by screens and lightbulbs could be throwing your body clock off-balance, affecting everything from sleep to weight, mood and immunity? Developed by an optometrist and medically approved by the UK government, Ocushield’s screen protectors will limit your exposure to troublesome blue light by 90%. Available for phones, tablets and desktops alike.
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