12 Pro-Approved Wine Accessories

12 Pro-Approved Wine Accessories


You may be clued up on the best wines to buy, but what about the accessories you need to make the most of them? Leading wine journalist Matthew Jukes gave us his list of the kit worth buying…

Coravin Model Three, £229

This gizmo looks confusing, but is actually very easy to use. It lets you preserve wine while pouring it into glasses and helps to reduce spillage. The incredibly thin needle feeds into the cork and draws out the wine while keeping the valve intact. A great gadget if you’re a glass-a-night kind of person and want to keep your wine fresh and flavourful.

Visit Coravin.co.uk

Eto Decanter, From £119

This is a very clever decanter made by a pal of mine. It uses a patented preservation system with an airtight seal which helps stop the oxidation process and preserve the taste of the wine. It works a bit like a French press and is available in a silver, gold or copper finish.

Visit EtoWine.com

Vacu Vin Active Wine Cooler, £14.99

An efficient wine cooler is a year-round necessity. With this portable Vacu Vin model, you freeze the inner cooling sleeve before use, then pop it back into the plastic shell with your bottle of choice. The inner sleeve lies flat in the freezer, so you don’t need to worry about it taking up lots of space.

Visit Lakeland.co.uk

Pulltex Drop Saver Set Of Three, £3.75

This is a really useful accessory, especially if you have carpet. Drop savers are effectively small PVC discs that prevent any wine dropping down the bottle onto surfaces, floors or onto your clothes. The notched design slides into the mouth of the wine bottle, then goes back to its flat shape ready for washing post-use.

Visit Wineware.co.uk

Schott Zwiesel Vina Set Of Six Large Bordeaux Glasses, £42.50

The ultimate all-purpose glasses from one of the best glass companies out there. Made from Tritan Crystal with an ultra-thin rim and sturdy stem, they’re especially designed for reds, but work just as well for whites.

Visit Wineware.co.uk

Eurocave Wine Cabinet, From £1,381

You need something reliable to store your wine in. Although expensive, this is the best wine cabinet out there. I know people who have purchased cheaper options but they often need replacing after a few years. This model comes in three sizes: small, medium and large. All can be easily set to a single temperature and store at least 90 bottles.

Visit Eurocave.co.uk

Code 38 Corkscrew, Price On Request

This is the most exclusive corkscrew in the world. It's incredibly easy to use and features a special design to ensure the cork doesn’t break when removing. Loved by sommeliers across the world, it’s pricey but worth it if you’re serious about wine.

Visit Winerackd.uk

Pulltex Glass Identifiers, €12.83

Glass markers are essential when you’re entertaining, and these are the best ones I've used. They’re made of flexible rubber, so they won’t budge, and can easily fit any stem size. This set comes with ten in an array of bright colours, as well as a handy plastic bar for upright storage.

Visit Pulltex.com

Hammered Double Champagne Bucket, £30

No entertaining space is complete without an ice bucket. This John Lewis one is particularly smart, with its silver hammered design, and can comfortably house two large bottles. Because it's stainless steel, you can easily wipe it down after use.

Visit JohnLewis.com

Riedel Cabernet Single Crystal Decanter, £40

This is a more traditional decanter, which I love for its elegant and simple design. It comes in both bottle and magnum size and is made from the finest crystal glass by Reidel, one of the best glassware brands. As a bonus, it’s also dishwasher safe.

Visit JohnLewis.com

Le Creuset Corkscrew, £32

This is one of the best corkscrews on the market. It easily removes both natural and synthetic corks, and opens beer bottles. The wood and stainless-steel design keeps it looking smart and the handle is scratch resistant.

Visit JohnLewis.com

Wineware Cleaning Glass Cloth, £8.95

You’ll need a glass cloth to take care of your glasses and decanters, and this one from Wineware is the best. It’s made from microfibre and is great for both cleaning and drying glassware. It also ensures there are no unwanted scratches or fingerprints left behind.

Visit Wineware.co.uk

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