A Michelin-Starred Chef Reveals What’s In His Food Shop
A Michelin-Starred Chef Reveals What’s In His Food Shop

A Michelin-Starred Chef Reveals What’s In His Food Shop


What a third-generation sushi master puts in his shopping trolley – it’s the kind of high-level intel you just won’t find elsewhere… Star of the show at soon-to-reopen Endo at the Rotunda, Endo Kazutoshi is now in charge of soon-to-open Kioku at The OWO. As if we could respect him anymore, it turns out he’s also a devil for the Cheetos and cheesecake ice-cream. Here’s what else Endo buys on repeat…

Rebecca Dickson


Lemons: These are a staple in any household – and especially mine. I like to squeeze the juice into a mixed salad for a light dressing, and grate the zest over pasta for a touch of acidity.

Tomatoes: I always prefer organic tomatoes, especially Isle of White ones which are sold on Ocado. They have fantastic flavour and go with everything. I use mine in salads and to make a fresh pasta sauce.

Mango: When they’re in season, my friends send me mangoes from India. These mangoes are like nothing you’ve ever tasted before. Packed with juice and very delicious. Otherwise, I’ll buy some from…

Strawberries: Japan has very good strawberries, but the ones in the UK are also great when they are in season. Nice and simple, I like to have mine plain as a snack while watching TV.

Japanese Mandarins: These mandarins are gentle and very sweet. I juice them and make a homemade mandarin soda with some sparkling water.


Tofu: This is a staple in a Japanese diet, and I have many varieties depending on the use. Silken tofu is for miso soup or is great over rice, whereas firmer tofu is used for frying. It can be made at home using soya milk, though these days I don’t have time to do that.

Eggs & Mustard: I like to make my own mayonnaise, so eggs and mustard are a prerequisite. Dijon is great for mayonnaise, though English mustard is better served as it is.

Yuzu Koshu: I don’t like overly spicy things, but yuzu koshu has just the right balance of spice and acidity. It’s a Japanese chilli paste made with yuzu peel. The paste is fermented and has a nice floral note. It’s so moreish and it goes with everything – even pizza.



Soy Sauce: Soy is the base of Japanese cuisine, and no Japanese household will be without soy sauce. My preferred brand is Yamato, which you can buy from the Japan Centre.

Miso: This is another important staple. I use an organic white soya bean variety to make miso soup in the morning. It is also a base for many sauces and marinades. I get mine sent over from Japan.

Soybeans: I keep soybeans for making my own tofu, although I don’t have the time to make it often. You soak the beans to make soymilk, combining it with a coagulant such as nigari (a type of salt by-product) to firm up the texture.

Dried Kombu: This is a type of seaweed with a rich umami taste. It’s used as a base for stocks. Combined with sugar and sake, it produces a wonderfully deep flavour that’s great in a soup. You can also use kombu to flavour plain rice for an extra flavour hit.

Pasta: I lived in Italy for a while and have grown to love pasta. I like to make simple pasta dishes at home using fresh vegetables and my own sauces.




Kielbasa: Kielbasa is a Polish sausage that I like very much. It is a great snack that goes well with a drink, especially beer.

Japanese Pickles: Japan has some excellent pickles and I always have a few in my fridge. I especially like kombu tsukudani – it’s a type of simmered seaweed that’s sweet, sour and has plenty of umami.

Jamon Serrano: Fish is such a big part of my job that when I’m at home I prefer to eat meat. I have a lot of cured meats in my fridge, but my favourite is jamon serrano, which I grew to love during my time in Spain.

Cheetos: These are my guilty pleasure. Once I open a bag, I can’t stop. I prefer the original flavour, but whenever I travel I like to try flavours from around the world. Mexican corn-based Cheetos are especially good.  

Doritos: Another favourite of mine, I like to eat them with a tomato salsa that I freshly make myself.

Rebecca Dickson


Häagen-Dazs Strawberry Cheesecake Ice-Cream: This is my favourite ice-cream. I have about ten tubs in the fridge at any given time. As a Japanese person, I take very hot baths to relax and have an ice-cream afterwards to cool down.

Sausages: There is a butcher in Cambridge called Harnwell & Sons, which makes fantastic sausages. I buy three varieties: herb, honey and plain. These last me about two months.

Ice: I always have some ice in the fridge for my whisky.


Sake: I love sake, and I drink it both cold and warmed up. I really enjoy a bottle of Hakurakusei from Niizawa Sake Brewery.

Kirin Beer: This is my favourite beer – it’s very light and refreshing. It’s a Japanese beer that uses only the first press of the wort, creating a very pure taste. It pairs well with a lot of foods, but is excellent on its own, of course.

Sparkling Evian: I like sparkling water and Evian is my current favourite. The bubbles aren’t too strong, and I like mixing it with juice to make homemade soda.

Whisky: I love whisky and have a small collection at home of about eight to ten bottles. My current favourite is a 12-year-old Blair Athol and I enjoy it simply on the rocks. 

To book a table at one of Endo’s restaurants, visit Raffles.com & EndoAtRotunda.com


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