A Michelin-Starred Chef Shares His Online Food Order
A Michelin-Starred Chef Shares His Online Food Order

A Michelin-Starred Chef Shares His Online Food Order


Jonny Lake is the talent behind Trivet, the Bermondsey restaurant that just won its second Michelin star. For anyone who wants to eat well at home, here’s what this food hero orders in for himself – including some classic condiments and a budget ice-cream option…
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Asparagus: Just coming into season, asparagus is always something to be celebrated as the season can be quite short and end unpredictably. I generally peel them very lightly and cook them in a covered pan with a small amount of oil. You want to almost overcook them to get the best flavour.

Cucumbers: These are always knocking around in my fridge. I like to cut them into big chunks and lightly salt for a snack.  

Mangos: Even the standard supermarket mangos that are available year-round are well loved in our house. When mango season hits though, things pick up and I seem to discover different types every year. Kesar is a particular favourite. 

Wild Garlic: This is abundant right now. Not so much something I would order, but instead find in a local woodland. Mixing it with basil and parsley makes a fragrant pesto which the kids love with pasta for school lunches. 

Avocados: A bit of a cliché now, but sliced avocado on toast is just too good. 


Gochujang Chilli Paste: I put this on anything as a quick marinade. Tofu, chicken thighs, whatever. It makes everything taste better. 

Cheese: Although I’m spoiled for choice with amazing cheese at Trivet, at home there always seems to be a giant block of medium cheddar – usually Waitrose Essential. Grilled cheese sandwiches are a speciality of mine, always served with tomato ketchup and a large gherkin. 

Olives: I love all types but my favourites include Petit Lucques with a glass of Jura Savagnin or manzanilla sherry. That snack is hard to beat. 

Tomato Ketchup: Always Heinz and don’t mess around with anything else. Arguably the best condiment ever made and very useful as an ingredient (it’s essential for many southern BBQ recipes).



Minus 8 Vinegar: When I cook at home, I like to use different vinegars to bring dishes to life. Minus 8 is based in St Catherines, Ontario, which is about 40 minutes from where I grew up in Canada. It makes numerous types which range from very sweet to umami-rich. 

Anchovies: I never really understood anchovies, until I spent a few years in Italy at the beginning of my career. Whenever I tried to figure out what was in something that tasted so good, the answer was normally anchovies. The salted ones are harder to find here in the UK, but they are worth searching for. Cooked down with garlic and olive oil, they just melt away and leave the best background flavour for pasta sauces or braised stews like chicken or rabbit. 

Épices de Cru Spices: People generally have so many spices in their kitchen cupboards, and they are always old and out of date. Épices de Cru is a brand based in Montreal that I get online from Andy Harris at Vinegar Shed or The Ealing Grocer. They are not cheap, but they are so fragrant that you don't need much to elevate your dishes. The wild white voatsiperifery pepper is amazing, as is the wild black cumin.

Soy Sauce: A must-have in any kitchen. Alongside shaoxing wine and rice vinegar it completes the trinity of Asian seasoning. If you have these three, you can always knock up a quick dinner for the whole family.

Maple Syrup: So good in so many ways, but poured over pancakes for a late breakfast on Sunday is the best. I have friends in high places in Canada, so I’ve developed a taste for the good stuff. 

Toasted White Sesame Seeds: For their size, they add loads of flavour and texture to salads and stir fries. They also make a tasty topping for yoghurt at breakfast with fruit and granola. 

Gherkins: I love all types, but I prefer sweet pickled and butter pickles with sliced bread.


Fritos Corn Chips: Whenever family or friends visit from Canada, they know to bring Fritos. So salty, so greasy, so good. 

Nuts: We always have several varieties around. Tamari almonds are a particular favourite for snacking. 

Corn Cakes: Like rice cakes but made with puffed corn. Perfect with crunchy peanut butter. 

Milk Chocolate Hobnobs: The best biscuit ever made, no questions.



Fish Fingers: A good fish finger sandwich is something to take the time to savour. We buy Birds Eye fish fingers if they are on special offer, otherwise the Waitrose Essentials ten pack does the job.

Frozen Spinach: Nobody has space in their fridge for loads of fresh spinach, so bags of blanched, frozen spinach is the way to go for smoothies in the morning, as well as soups, stews or curries.

Frozen Edamame: Buy these frozen in the pod – they are super quick to prepare. Just blanch or steam and season with coarse sea salt or chilli. The perfect snack for kids after school or for the adults with a glass of wine.

Choc Ices: The milk chocolate ones, not the fancy ones. The cheaper the better. You know it's not really ice-cream, but you can't deny they are amazing.


Yeni Raki: Raki is a Turkish aniseed-flavoured spirit which I find very relaxing to sip on while cooking at home on Sundays. It’s particularly good with oily fish such as mackerel. Yeni Raki is one of the oldest producers and doesn’t compromise on style with changing trends.

Coffee: We drink quite a bit of it at home. The first one is normally a latte, followed by a mid-day espresso. 

San Pellegrino: We don’t drink a lot of fizzy drinks but as a treat everyone in our house loves San Pellegrino Aranciata or Limonata.

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