All The Condiments You Need This Summer


It’s August – a time of year when your condiment cupboard really comes into its own. Whether you’re looking to add some heat to your burgers, smoke to sandwiches or a punch of freshness to a BBQ spread, these 19 sauces have you covered this summer.


Sauce Shop – American Mustard

We’re big fans of Sauce Shop’s burger sauce and honey & habanero drizzle, but this excellent bottle is the ideal accompaniment for hot dogs. Made American style, this mustard is fragrant and piquant, with a mildly spiced flavour, offering the perfect mix of sweet and tang – and none of the burn you get from English mustard.


Harvey Nichols – Saucy Smoking Hot Mustard Sauce

This sauce is part of Ocado’s new selection of Harvey Nichols products. It’s hot, smoky and offers what it calls a ‘modern take on traditional hot mustard’. Vegan friendly, it works especially well with burgers, BBQs and Sunday roasts, and can also be mixed with yoghurt or mayo to create a quick dressing, or added to macaroni cheese for depth of flavour.

Tracklements – Sweet Mustard Ketchup

With a sweet piquancy, strong kick and a winning shade of yellow, this mustard ketchup from Tracklements is perfect for summer. Made with a combination of wholegrain and smooth mustards and a measure of sugar and spices, it makes a delicious baste for chicken, sausages and chops, and also brightens up mayonnaise, sandwiches and potato or halloumi salads.


Daylesford – Organic Tomato Ketchup

This ketchup is so thick it’s almost a BBQ sauce. We love the addition of sweet apples and spices, which gives it a flavoursome hit and a similar background taste to Branston Pickle (a very good thing, of course). An ideal dip for chips and an essential on the table during al fresco summer suppers.

Italianavera – San Marzano DOP Ketchup

Made using mainly San Marzano DOP tomatoes, this eye-catching bottle of ketchup is sweet and subtle. The tomatoes are carefully selected and processed by hand within 24 hours of harvesting and the bottle doesn’t contain any sugars or preservatives. Expect a balanced, round and delicate flavour with a truly tomato-y taste.

Tom Kerridge – Gherkin Ketchup

Having served it in his restaurants for years, Tom Kerridge finally launched a bottled version of his gherkin ketchup a couple of summers back. Filled with 89% gherkins and a hint of dill, we love the bold colour and hit of flavour. Designed as an accompaniment for steak, it also makes a wonderful sauce for cheeseburgers – and works beautifully as a tartare-sauce alternative in a fish finger sandwich.


Sauce Shop – Cherry Bourbon BBQ Sauce

Once a limited-edition flavour, this Great Taste winner was so popular it’s now a permanent part of the Sauce Shop range. Deep cherry fruitiness combines with vinegar tang and undertones of bourbon to make a BBQ sauce that's big on flavour. To take your BBQ to the next level, try this glazed on ribs, wings or brisket.

Kuhne – Made For Meat Smoked Pepper BBQ Sauce

This German BBQ sauce has one of the highest customer ratings on Ocado. Made with smoked pepper and bourbon whiskey, it works especially well when served with meat (especially steak) fish or veggies. Best of all, it’s free from artificial colour, flavour enhancers and preservatives, so you know you’re getting an authentic hit of flavour.

Red’s – Unholy BBQ Sauce

Originally a popular BBQ restaurant in Leeds, Red’s True Barbecue now has five restaurants across the UK – plus this range of excellent, authentic sauces. Of its seven sauces (which are now available on Ocado) we love its Unholy BBQ Sauce, which works well as a marinade, a dip and even as a flavour enhancer for mince-based dishes.

Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce Original

A household staple in the US since the 80s, Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce was created when chef Larry Raymond perfected his family recipe and entered it into America’s largest rib cookoff – beating almost 700 other entries. A year later, the sweet, tangy sauce hit supermarket shelves. Great served alongside everything from chicken to sausages, this sauce is best used as a glaze and marinade – just baste liberally around 20 minutes before your meat hits the grill.


Truff – Black Truffle Hotter Sauce

Truff’s award-winning truffle hot sauce is a must-try. Available to buy at Selfridge’s food hall, this isn’t any old hot sauce. It’s a blend of red chilli peppers, black truffle, black truffle oil, organic agave nectar, red habanero powder, cumin and coriander. The resulting taste gives it a real point of difference to competitors. Whether you add it to pasta salads, burgers or salad dressings this is a potentially addictive addition to your sauce collection.

The Garlic Farm – Vampire Botherer

The Garlic Farm on the Isle of Wight has been growing its eponymous allium for over 50 years. These days, it isn’t just about the bulb: it also produces a range of chutneys, relishes and condiments. Fractionally more merciful than the award-winning Vampire Slayer, this zesty new jalapeno sauce has a fresh, garlic zing and is delicious in burgers and with grilled chicken.


Khoo’s – The Heavy Smoker

Alex Khoo is obsessed with spice and sustainability. In 2012, he established Khoo’s in Sheffield, using locally sourced chillies to make his own hot sauce. He grows most of the chillies himself in a polytunnel in his back garden and even built his own smoker, controlling the process from pepper to packaging. The Heavy Smoker – a Great Taste award winner – is made with a secret chipotle blend, sweet peppers smoked over whiskey-cask oak, hot fresh chillies, prunes and garlic, and works extremely well on tacos, burgers and drizzled over scrambled eggs.


Dr Will’s – Classic Mayonnaise

If you’re after a straight-up mayonnaise, this is one of our favourites. All natural, and sugar and gluten free, this 2019 Great Taste award winner only uses free-range egg yolks and offers a rich, thick texture. We’re also a fan of the brand’s avocado mayo.

Sauce Shop – Chipotle Mayonnaise

Sauce Shop has laced its rich mayonnaise with smoky chipotle pepper to make the ultimate dip. If you like a little – but not too much – heat in your mayo, this could be for you. Great with burgers, pizza or chips, this Great Taste award winner is incredibly moreish and livens up everything from salad dressings to coleslaws.


The Foraging Fox – Smoked Jalapeno Mayo

This one’s a great option for those who like a hit of flavour. This bottle presents an ideal blend of smokiness and subtle chilli pepper kick. A must-have for Mexican dishes such as tacos and fajitas, it also dovetails nicely with burgers, sausages and chicken dishes.


Harvey Nichols – Saucy Spicy Mango & Chilli Relish

Another of Ocado’s Harvey Nichols range, this mango and chilli relish is surprisingly spicy and fruity without being too sweet. A natural accompaniment to poppadoms, bhajis, samosas and curries, it also works really well as a glaze for ribs, slathered into sandwiches and burgers, and served alongside grilled chicken and sausages.

Viva Cuba – Green Mojo Sauce

Bursting with Latin flavours, this vibrantly green sauce is garlicky and herby. Mild on the Scoville scale, it’s great for dipping and marinating, and really comes into its own when served alongside chicken and halloumi. It also adds a huge hit of herbs to a summery salad dressing.

Stonewall Kitchen – Spicy Corn Relish

Stonewall Kitchen’s spicy corn relish is excellent paired with Mexican and Tex-Mex dishes – think nachos, tacos or chilli con carne. During the summer months, it comes into its own as a great way to add flavour and crunch to burgers and hot dogs. Compared to other relishes, this jar is pleasantly chunky and really tastes of sweetcorn.

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