The New Low & Non-Alcoholic Drinks To Try


If you’ve committed to Dry January or are just looking to cut back, your range of options has never been so good. Here are 15 low and no-alcohol alternatives to see you through…


Shorebreak Hazy Pale

Firebrand Brewing Co is one of Cornwall’s biggest breweries. Its head brewer created this 0.5% pale ale to improve on traditional non-alcoholic beers that can be watery, thin and flavourless. A take on Firebrand’s original pale ale, the AF Hazy Pale has refreshing notes of mango and lemongrass, brewed with three different types of hops for a slightly bitter taste – and it’s only 26 calories per can.

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Days 0.0% Pale Ale

Days Brewing has added an AF pale ale to its range. Brewed in Scotland, it’s bold and balanced, with tropical overtones and a clean grapefruit finish. Coming in at just 69 calories per can, it’s made using only natural ingredients and is on the money for Veganuary too. Best of all, the brand gives 2% of sales to progressive mental health initiatives.

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Galipette Cidre Non-Alcoholic Cidre

Some excellent ciders are made in northern France, including Galipette. Its non-alcoholic offering is made from the same apple varieties as its full-strength brothers and retains their deep golden amber colour. After a short fermentation process, it’s cooled before the sugar turns it into alcohol. The result is slightly sweet juice cider that goes well with cheeses and salty snacks.

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Big Drop Reef Point Craft Lager

Big Drop was one of the first brands in the UK to create a line of alcohol-free beers that actually tasted good. It took the team over a dozen recipes to create its first stout, which has since won a string of awards. New for Dry Jan is Reef Point, a 0.5% craft lager with soft aromas, gentle bitterness and just a hint of citrus.

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Leffe Blonde 0.0%

Leffe’s first alcohol-free beer has been popular in Germany for a while, and it’s finally landed in the UK. With a well-balanced body, it has fruity notes, a hint of smokiness with a bitter finish for a grown-up flavour. Retaining the smell and flavour of Leffe’s original ale, it’s a great doppelganger. 

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Aldi Rheinbacher Premium Pilsner 0%

We’re big fans of Aldi booze, and its non-alcoholic range has come on leaps and bounds in recent years. Its German Rheinbacher is a great dupe for Krombacher’s non-alcoholic pilsner, with the same slightly sweet aftertaste. It has a nice aroma and a surprisingly rich flavour without feeling too heavy. A great option if you’re keen to try a lighter alternative for less. 

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Citizen Spritz

Launched just a few weeks ago, Citizen Spritz is the newest non-alcoholic alternative to know. Unlike others which remove the alcohol through high-energy distillation, Citizen Spritz is created from the base notes up, so the flavours don’t get diluted. There are currently four options to choose from: Bitter Orange, Cool Lime, Passion Fruit and Pink Grapefruit – all best served with a splash of soda water over ice.

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Oddbird 2097

Describing its products as ‘liberated from alcohol’, Oddbird is Scandinavia’s largest producer of non-alcoholic wine. The brand has now made a botanical spirit from berries and botanicals from Töre in northern Sweden. It also has some citrusy notes and a hint of spice for a grown-up taste. Serve it like you would your favourite gin. 

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Lyre’s Agave Blanco & Reserva Spirits

Tequila and mezcal fans, this one’s for you. A maker of award-winning non-alcoholic spirits, Lyre’s has created two agave alternatives: Agave Blanco and Agave Reserva Spirit. Both have the traditional flavours of agave without the heat of a traditional tequila, so they work brilliantly in margaritas, palomas and other tequila-based drinks. The Agave Blanco is particularly good served with ice, soda water and lots of lime. 

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Sea Arch

Created by a small team in Devon, Sea Arch is a non-alcoholic spirit made using traditional distillation techniques. During the process, natural botanicals like sea kelp, samphire, cardamom and blood orange are added to the spirit before the alcohol is removed. It doesn’t contain any sugar or sweeteners, and it’s calorie free thanks to its natural ingredients. To make the brand’s signature ‘Sea & T’, serve over tonic water with plenty of ice.

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Strykk Not Aperitivo

Strykk was founded back in 2014 by two friends who wanted to drink but didn’t want the hangovers. Its products are distilled with the same botanicals as full-strength counterparts, just without any alcohol. With similar flavours to those found in Aperol and Campari, Strykk’s latest non-alcoholic spirit has notes of prosecco and orange for those who like their drinks on the bitter side. It’s best served with soda and orange slices.

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Thomson & Scott Noughty Syrah Alcohol-Free Red Wine NV

Thomson & Scott was one of the first UK producers to dabble in non-alcoholic wine. Unlike other bottles on the market that are sometimes laden with sugar, its syrah is surprisingly low in sugar, made from high-quality grapes grown on dry-farmed vineyards in South Africa. It’s de-alcoholised in a way that retains all the distinctive body, colour and flavour of a traditional syrah. The result is a wine that’s rich and dark with lots of red fruit, notes of black pepper and cherry, and French oak tannins.

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Wild Idol

Wild Idol uses traditional winemaking techniques to produce a range of AF wines that includes a sparkling rosé, with red fruit and floral aromas, and a bright sparkling white with crisp apple notes. Unlike ‘de-alcoholised’ products, Wild Idol has never contained alcohol and doesn’t undergo a process of fermentation, meaning it’s naturally alcohol free for a completely clean finish.

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Wednesday's Domaine

Wednesday's Domaine adds natural flavours to de-alcoholised wines for a grown-up flavour that nearly tastes like the real thing. If you want a full-bodied wine without the alcohol, there are two bottles to choose from: Piquant, a white made from Airen and Blanco grapes with floral notes and a crisp and clean finish: and Sanguine, a light red made from Tempranillo grapes. Each glass contains only 45 calories. 

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