Why Gaming Is Booming & How To Get Involved
Why Gaming Is Booming & How To Get Involved

Why Gaming Is Booming & How To Get Involved


Immersive new tech, next-level graphics and the return of 90s classics – no wonder gaming is drawing more and more of us in. We asked a couple of experts what’s going on and how to get a slice of the action…

It seems like the gaming industry is having a real moment – why do you think that is?

“The rise of esports and smartphone games, and advancements in technology like virtual reality, have all played a role. And you can’t overlook the impact of TV and film. The Last of Us will probably go down as one of the best series of the last decade. It’s based on the cult game of the same name, and it’s inspired lots of people to dig out their old PlayStation – or game for the first time.” – Max Davis, tech & gaming expert.

And who are these new gamers?

“There’s been a big shift over the past decade – gaming isn’t just for reclusive teenagers. According to a recent survey, 35% of over 35s now game. Anecdotally, I’ve noticed a lot of dads becoming interested in gaming, either playing with their kids or revisiting classics that have been remastered.” – Max 

What are gamers getting excited about right now?

“It's fascinating to see how nostalgia is changing the gaming landscape, with announcements of remasters and re-releases of classics – think Tomb Raider, Prince of Persia and Dragon Quest – being met with an overwhelmingly positive reaction. I think this will continue through the rest of the decade, as people are that passionate about old favourites returning to their consoles.” – Nick Arran, MD of Game

What about the hardware then? Has VR been that game-changer?

“It’s now in the mainstream. Headsets like the Oculus Quest 2 have become more accessible, attracting a broader audience, while many VR game libraries have just exploded. Titles like Resident Evil 4 VR brought have beloved classics to VR, offering a fresh and immersive perspective. Plus, Horizon: Call of the Wild introduced an open-world experience, showcasing VR's potential for diverse genres. Gaming companies are constantly innovating – Lone Echo II, for example, uses VR to create a sense of weightlessness and spatial awareness that goes beyond anything we’ve seen before.” – Max

It's fascinating to see how nostalgia is changing the gaming landscape, with announcements of remasters and re-releases of classics being met with an overwhelmingly positive reaction.

And AI? 

“I’m excited to see the impacts of generative AI. Employed real time during gameplay, it can transform players’ experiences, creating lifelike interactive characters, and new content depending on player behaviour. With the advancement of this and gaming hardware in general, we’re going to see the immersive experience pushed to new limits. That’s a big part of why there’s so much buzz in the industry right now.” – Nick 

“The tech is off the scale; it blows my mind what you can achieve now. Artbreeder, an AI-powered tool, has been used by developers to generate unique characters, environments and assets. This technology streamlines the design process, so we’re going to see some visually stunning games soon.” – Max

What’s the best new bit of kit you’ve tried recently?

“Meta Quest 3 is a mixed-reality headset that lets you jump into full immersion or blend physical and virtual worlds to transform your home into a playground. It’s the most powerful Quest yet and has the world’s best library with over 500 immersive apps.” – Nick 

“The Quantum SonicX Pro is a cutting-edge headset that doesn't just deliver exceptional sound quality. Its immersive 3D audio tech creates a spatial awareness that adds a new dimension to gaming. The sleek design and comfort-enhancing features really make it stand out. For so many gamers, the sounds and visuals are number one and this takes them to the next level, particularly in fighter games.” – Max

And where’s the industry heading next?

“AI isn’t going anywhere, so I’m excited – and a little nervous – to see what producers do with the new technology. We’re also going to see more augmented-reality (AR) games and cross-platform play. I expect streaming services will become even more sophisticated, and lots of TV brands will offer in-built subscription services, making gaming more accessible to a broader audience.” – Max

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