Your Q1 Horoscope Explained
Your Q1 Horoscope Explained

Your Q1 Horoscope Explained


Check your cynicism at the door. Our resident SL astrologer Fiona Graham is turning her attention to blokes with this roundup of what’s in store for the first quarter of 2023. Give it a read – you may be surprised…


21 March – 20 April

2023 is a year for bold initiatives. If you navigate these with care, you’ll find your true path, and this should lead to greater self-fulfilment. Aries Man can make hot-headed decisions, which would hold a risk of backfiring now; it’s wise to reflect before you act. In January, a sudden confession impacts your everyday life, yet as a result your choices become clearer. By February you’ll be champing at the bit for action, but if you steam in too fast others might feel undermined, or even threatened. Q1 is all about ringing the changes when sensitive information has unexpected repercussions. You need to focus on your responsibilities but must avoid feeling overburdened. Your goals slot into place by March, so seize a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity – now you’ll see where your travels off the beaten track are likely to take you. Nobody, especially a boss, should overlook your strengths. Personal relationships will have a risqué edge, and you’ll explore pastures new. It’s time to show you mean business in love as even casual encounters can’t be taken lightly.


21 April – 21 May

This year, shared initiatives flourish beyond your dreams: they have the potential to inspire, make your fortune, and enrich one-to-one partnerships. People will keep you guessing, so expect the unexpected. However, if you think outside the box, you’ll be able to roll with unexpected events. In February you may feel torn between mundane duties and more glamorous aspirations – tackling such dilemmas head on holds the solutions. Your sense of achievement will motivate you for yet greater challenges. A stunning revelation in March guarantees the wow-factor; you’ll realise that using your imagination is vital. Soon domestic pressures will start to lift, liberating you to do your own thing. Taurus Man is admired for being steadfast and loyal. You like to know where you stand, and unreliability acts as a red rag to the bull. In love you’ll give yourself to someone whose actions speak louder than words, but who breaks new ground in sensuality. Taking a walk on the wild side feels good, although a healthy dose of realism always scores top marks with you.


22 May – 21 June

In 2023 fine-tuning your pet projects will ensure they have the best chance of success. You’ll discover that collaborations are worth their weight in gold this January. Trust what other people can offer and before long a leap of faith will make extraordinary progress. However, you could overestimate one person. Time and again you’ll surprise yourself, especially at work. By February your Gemini Man talent for comms is truly impressive, especially when you need to gain others’ support. Cool logic and an open heart prove to be a winning combination. One challenge involves finding a compromise between fantasy possibilities and nitty-gritty reality – throughout spring you’ll find unique ways to solve this riddle. On so many levels creating stability takes priority, and in March investing in people will really start to pay off. In your personal life another social butterfly knows exactly how to entertain you and keep you on your toes; this person stimulates your mind, while also teaching you when to be serious and when it is time to commit.


22 June – 22 July

Your everyday life will undergo a transformation from early this year. Spread your wings and you’ll be amazed at your capacity to embrace change. A brainwave in January has the power to reinvent some of your long-term objectives. You are an unstoppable force but must try to resist overdoing it despite your talent for getting away with almost anything. You’ll work hard to manifest your dreams, and talent will shine through making it well worth all the effort. Although there will be clashes over another person’s wayward financial schemes. By February a unique character tempts you with opportunities or directions you may not have considered before. And from March cash hiccups begin to ease; this spring you’ll be hooked on the spirit of enterprise. Soon enough a true friend could answer your prayers, and you’ll hit the jackpot. In 2023 go for the intimacy you crave yet resist hanging on too tight. Adopting a devil-may-care attitude draws someone else out of their shell. It is time to seek the intimacy you crave, yet always resist clinging on too tight.


23 July – 23 August

You can take 2023 by storm. Searching further afield when it comes to your ambitions will offer plenty of incentives. Earlier lessons learned about overstretching are also shown to be a godsend. From January imaginative choices increase your self-esteem and may well win glittering prizes. It’s time to be increasingly creative, so take your opportunities and show yourself to advantage in February. Success clearly involves breaking a few rules. However, a close ally is attached to an illusion, meaning that a reality check may well be needed from you. It seems calculated risk-taking is the order of the day this March. Springtime delivers new freedoms and personal wisdom, which helps you master your finances too. This seems to be a time for putting your money where your mouth is. At a personal level, drama is often a turn-on, and another star of the show will shine bright, yet obviously must not upstage you.  As usual you’ll be generous with the person who wins your heart and will demonstrate that Leo Man cannot tolerate any meanness of spirit.


24 August – 22 September

From January getting back to basics delivers new highs; your loved ones, friends and family encourage you simply to be yourself. You will embrace larger-than-life changes – a move is possible, perhaps even abroad – and learn much from fascinating strangers. In February familiar people have the capacity to amaze you with out-of-character actions; you’ll be won over by unexpected kicks and take any mayhem in your stride. March is a landmark month; you’ll understand what drives you and encounter an unusual partner in crime. Mostly you need to take yourself seriously as a powerful coming of age will help you shape your future. Spring’s significant development means that now you really need to experiment, and play. Virgo Man has a reputation for his obsession with detail, and you are also capable of giving expert attention to someone else’s needs. A taste for healthy living helps you influence a loved one for the better. It will become obvious that 2023’s ideal match must communicate, and listen, but also bend the rules for passions to run wild.



23 September – 23 October

In 2023 you will see how mind over matter works miracles; inspired thinking will make the most of a streak of luck. However, for once even you could neglect to employ Libra Man’s gift for diplomacy. Grasping the bigger picture goes far, and frank conversations are bound to shake up the routine. You’ll be offered wise advice, although in February you must handle low-key reactions to a dream scheme. Now your ability to negotiate will come into its own. And with patience, you’ll surpass your own expectations. Enjoy your unique reputation at work: a dash of imagination added to sound tactics is very impressive. By March a mature attitude helps you conquer any secret fears, but any misfired words will make mischief. Now you may hit on a life-changing development, promising adventures you will relish. You always strive for equality, and respect other people’s desires; as a result, you expect the same in return. Be wary of compromising yourself in the name of love, as this year you deserve a perfect meeting of minds, as well as encouragement to be truly yourself.


24 October – 22 November

In 2023 you can fly high, after what may have felt like a long haul. From early January you’ll feel motivated by a renewed sense of purpose. Although distractions from friends and loved ones are inevitable. This tricky balancing act will eventually come to a head and should be resolved in February. Self-belief really can conquer all. It takes guts to speculate but take a chance now and the outcome will be well worth it. Everyone should recognise how resourceful Scorpio Men are; and sticking to your guns proves to be healthy for your wallet too. The most important lesson entails knowing precisely who you can count on. One revelation is a brainwave, and nothing should stop you from running with it. This March you’ll wield plenty of personal power, and this will have hot consequences. Intrigues in spring will reveal another’s true colours and you’ll know exactly what or who you deserve. You inspire devotion and someone with integrity earns your trust – your true love will need to engage deeply and prove their worth by tempting you to lighten up.


23 November – 21 December

In 2023 the possibilities are endless, as if you are leading a charmed life. Sagittarius Man’s optimism helps, yet it seems that luck is with you whatever you do. In January your enthusiasm may be challenged, so be clear about your priorities to prevent any precious gains from slipping away. Opportunities will be there for you to excel, but they must be seized at the outset: as always, overconfidence has a tendency to mean details get missed. From February unexpected events at home take you unawares, but your fortunes will grow if you are strategic. Clearly you are ambitious and need to knuckle down – you really won’t regret it. March’s once-in-a-lifetime offer may well be transformational. This spring’s outstanding achievement involves your personal wisdom; never underestimate what a gift this is. Risk can be an aphrodisiac for you, and you are loyal to other free spirits. You are never keen on being nagged or feeling reined in. Your true prize now is a fellow adventurer, who shares your aspirations, but also knows how to set limits.


22 December – 20 January

You will make quite a splash as early as January by being your proactive self, and you’ll also discover that an intriguing plot is unfolding behind the scenes. In true Capricorn Man style, you’ll need to thoroughly assess the most ambitious possibilities; meanwhile it feels as if a guardian angel is easing your way towards a bid for victory. Have the confidence to trust your instincts when a breakthrough looks feasible – only later will you see what this means for your longer-term future. Financial affairs continue to be baffling and sometimes it is tricky to get a handle on your own worth, as well as on your spending priorities. Slowly but surely, you’ll gain control and manage shared assets especially well. By March you’ll feel free to follow your dreams. This spring may well bring a magnificent turn of fortunes and it looks like nothing can stop you now. For you other people’s ambition is sexy; at the same time reliability is the key to your heart. Commitment rules in 2023 and someone’s sense of fun lights a spark – you can move mountains to make this work.


21 January – 18 February

In 2023 other people will impress you, including colleagues, friends and exotic newcomers. Aquarius Man is known for his community spirit, so make the most of engaging with those you know or meet on your travels. In January and February, you’ll make brilliant use of your talents; and may well make more money. For you there really is strength in numbers. One-to-one partnerships are also vital, but expect tension between your future vision and someone who is entrenched in the past; this dynamic reaches a climax by March. Just be sure to respect others’ views and ideas as this makes most things possible. This spring you’ll pin your priorities down and this could lead to rich rewards. Mental stimulation is often erotic for you, from sex tips to sexual politics. You love to experiment, especially when loved ones understand they must appeal to your mind. At times theory can seem more exciting than reality but now intimacy brings fantasies to life. A unique individual tunes into your head but insists that you express your heart too.


19 February – 20 March

This New Year be sure to aim high, as you could live your wildest dreams. Your destiny is all about recognising your own potential; just don’t try to take on the whole world, which can be tempting for Pisces Man. In January it’s wise to show you mean business, and an act of courage will help you reach the heady heights. It is time to be focused, as self-determination will go far; your ambitious approach may even seem ruthless to some. Look out for power struggles in February and deflect these whenever you can. You will also banish a few old demons, as you start to realise they are merely in your mind. By March practical obstacles can be overcome and you’ll express your originality with confidence. Be sure not to miss a big chance and make the most of your personal power; glowing feedback will be yours. You long to lose yourself in intimacy and dislike it when others trample on your dreams. Your innate charisma may capture many hearts in 2023 yet discretion is key; a soul mate empathises with your fantasies while also having a realistic influence.

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