Your Q4 Horoscopes Explained

Your Q4 Horoscopes Explained


Check your cynicism at the door. Our resident SL astrologer Fiona Graham is turning her attention to blokes with this roundup of what’s in store for the rest of Q4. Give it a read – you may be surprised…


21 March – 20 April

Aries man is almost always action orientated, and takes the lead whenever possible. This makes you a force to be reckoned with. However, during uncertain times in October, collaboration is vital to your success. By investing in partnerships, and being prepared to compromise, you’ll make the biggest impact. You’ll discover much more about yourself – including how to maximise your talents – by observing others’ responses both at work and at play. Such feedback may well prove to be a goldmine. By December you can afford to do your own thing and go it alone a bit more. Some tricky commitment issues may arise: try not to over-complicate any of this, or let yourself (of all people!) feel undermined by anyone else. A clever balancing act yields great results and your typical dynamism is bound to deliver. By Christmas a steamy revelation hits home, and you’ll also get to grips with some even hotter surprises. The adventures in store are almost too hair-raising – perhaps even for you.


21 April – 21 May

A typical Taurus is unrivalled for stamina and staying power. What is really going on in Q4 – professionally and personally – will come to light if, as usual, you hold your nerve and dig in. Remember some situations demand spontaneity and being able to let go, so don’t allow your stubborn streak to get in the way. November’s new contact has incredible potential, so it’s time to take risks you might otherwise avoid. Feelings – including your own – may run high at times but the rewards will more than justify the huge effort. Managing expectations all-round can be challenging, so try to streamline your day-to-day routine to allow for unscheduled outcomes. Self-discipline is called for and this is nowhere near as dull as it might sound. By December, facing up to any financial demons takes a load off your mind too. Demonstrate your most tolerant side, as this pays off with those you really care about, and you’ll soon discover who is there for you in return.


22 May – 21 June

Gemini man has a reputation for quick thinking, not to mention the gift of the gab. Your mental agility makes you a flexible friend and workmate – it also inspires popularity. The unpredictable nature of this autumn/winter suits you more than most. From October it’s vital to recognise that the time has come to make tough decisions and settle on a course of action, which is not always easy for you. Stand your ground and show you mean business. Even flirtatious interludes will have serious undertones, but stay open-minded as this won’t in any way spoil the fun. Primarily, though, Q4 demands that you deliver on your promises – this applies to relationships as well as careers. In December, practical plans at home could clash with a professional leap of faith – your multi-tasking genius and sense of humour should really kick in. These qualities are in demand and will take you far. You can expect some sexual fireworks too, and you know better than anyone how to enjoy this while also defusing any potential aggravation.


22 June – 22 July

Cancer man is loyal, tenacious and tuned into the undercurrents others miss. Your emotional intelligence is your trump card in Q4. You’ll maximise this gift when it comes to nurturing teamwork of all kinds. Getting back to basics will be your springboard for future aspirations, all the while keeping your allies on side. Building stronger foundations is a sound investment. Improvements at home are also well within your grasp if you roll up your sleeves and, importantly, allow someone else to have their say. Stability can be yours despite the rocky ground many now find themselves on. There will be no shortage of interesting schemes to keep you engaged, plus it’s clear that sexual chemistry can turn the most low-key occasion into a cause for celebration. From late December your thinking gets increasingly perceptive, allowing you to access surprising truths. You’ll know exactly how to maximise all this potential.


23 July – 23 August

Leo – traditionally known as the king of the jungle - is destined to shine at the centre of things. Q4 promises to deliver if you use your power and charisma for the greater good, and resist the temptation of an offer you know is just a flattering ego trip. It’s time to go for genuine aspirations and chase a long-term dream which may have seemed out of reach until now. Be sure to aim high, as you can expect great things to arise both when and where they are least expected. However, by late November you must get serious about some less glamorous details impacting your future. Plans you pursue with a steady pace are most likely to stand the test of time. It’s also vital to discuss your top ideas with others – being open and willing to share goes a long way. By Christmas you’ll know how to prioritise items on your wish list and this inevitably involves friends and family. You can expect some sensational progress in your love life too.


24 August – 22 September

Virgo’s attention to detail, and astute handling of practical dilemmas, means that very few people get much past you. You are poised to reach top targets now and, although you’re not too fussed about the plaudits you’ll receive, they will work wonders for your career. In Q4 it’s almost impossible to avoid the limelight, and perhaps (to some extent) the firing line too. But you’ll see how this can be both rewarding and enjoyable. With everything you have recently learned, now is the time to concentrate on your true priorities – professional, personal or both. Some epic results may well be just around the corner, so aim to keep on track at all times. By December being especially direct may provoke unpredictable, and at times extreme, reactions from those you need to keep on board. However, a brainwave will soon provide the answers you seek, and someone you respect will come up trumps. Now you’ll take decisions none would necessarily expect of you, which is liberating on all fronts.


23 September – 23 October

Libra is the zodiac’s number one negotiator. You come into your own when diplomacy is called for, and this has been invaluable during such turbulent times. Yet Q4 kicks off with you feeling somewhat taken for granted. If you steel yourself to tackle this, you really won’t regret it. It’s time to seize a demanding opportunity too, without over-thinking all the repercussions. Have no qualms about putting yourself first. From late October, take yourself and your talents more seriously than ever, and you’ll prove how proactive you really are. Your instinct as a peacemaker means you’ll do this without burning any bridges. All eyes are on you by December and you’ll get away with pretty much anything. New scenarios arising at work and/or socially will mean that sitting on the fence is not an option – you must make decisions you are probably tempted to put off. This impacts your finances in a positive sense, but primarily it’s all about going for what you genuinely believe in.


24 October – 22 November

Scorpio man takes nothing at face value. You have high levels of resilience, not to mention survival instincts, which means that when Q4 expects you to reinvent aspects of your life, you’re better equipped than most. With much of the action unfolding behind the scenes, you’ll gain a lot by sitting back and taking stock. You tend to see what is going on beneath the surface of situations, so make this work for you. Meanwhile, you’ll find you can deal with other people’s ‘crazy-making’ head on, knowing full well that turning a blind eye is ultimately a waste of energy. Subtle shifts from November (which others don’t even notice) have a powerful meaning for you, and may lead to a major breakthrough in your personal life. Your magnetic appeal is obvious, so use this to the full, but without misleading anyone. To fulfil a burning ambition, it’s critical to play the long game – get this right and anything becomes possible. In multiple ways, and despite some inevitable adversity, you’ll show that you are on a winning streak.


23 November – 21 December

Sagittarius is the ultimate adventurer, with a taste for travel and/or seeking out new, exotic experiences. In one way or another you are always acquiring knowledge. The speed at which you move is often a challenge for others to keep up with, so bear this in mind through Q4. You are ready to take a gamble in October, but a little calculated risk-taking helps you dodge a few bullets. Whatever is going on in more private areas of life, this is a time when you’ll have plenty of influence in public. Networking at a whole new level is on the agenda, so don’t underestimate how a boss can help you make inroads, no matter how prone you are to questioning authority. By December your positive attitude will settle any ongoing arguments about some of the bigger life decisions. Be willing to compromise so that you don’t miss out. This demonstrates real wisdom which, combined with your passion and drive, is unbeatable.


22 December – 20 January

Leadership vision is one of Capricorn’s great strengths. You are a seasoned strategist too, and have both the ambition and determination to settle in for the long haul. Q4 presents rare opportunities to inject new life into ongoing projects; and you are poised to take greater control over your future, which is the position you like best. Clearly you are ready to roll, but beware of over-stretching yourself, or undermining a powerful figure. Meanwhile, it’s time to acknowledge a startling mutual attraction – however unexpected this is – as it could be a life changer. Your autumn/winter is about so much more than career and financial targets: striking a professional/personal balance will lead to a moment of truth in December. This should encourage you to be more flexible and to diversify even when it seems to go against the grain. Just don’t forget to share invaluable information with someone special.


21 January – 18 February

Aquarius is the original ‘people person’ – known also for a unique approach to situations and for being more radical than most. Q4 offers you the chance to inspire others when things get tough during tricky times for everyone. From October you’ll need to stretch yourself and be open-minded about a subtle proposal which is far more exciting than it looks on paper. This could be the single most important move for you. Progress demands plunging into the unknown mentally as well as physically, and true success comes from really listening to others’ opinions, however alien they might seem. By December you’ll know the significance of this and will see in a flash how you can achieve your own goals and be part of a collective effort. Before long you’ll be expected to make an impact in a high-profile setting. This is your chance to take risky yet constructive steps and finally crack an enigma concerning group dynamics.


19 February – 20 March

Pisces man has an inexhaustible capacity to engage with a wide array of experiences. More than most, you are willing to express how you feel and are fearless when it comes to defending the underdog. These qualities are truly impressive now. In Q4 relationships of all kinds take centre-stage and will be the key to professional progress you clearly deserve. Just take note that a less empathetic person could try to give you the run-around, but you’ll handle this brilliantly if you follow your instincts. The results of your inspired moves will soon be obvious to all, yet from late November you’ll find that a significant other just can’t resist analysing your actions. You’ll need to establish boundaries and also resist playing the role of rescuer when someone actually knows very well how to look after themselves. In December an offer is unusual, yet the more you investigate the more you’ll know what a great fit it is. Now you can follow your own path – just ignore unnecessary interference. It’s time to cast your net further as nothing stands in your way.

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