Your Q4 Horoscopes Explained
Your Q4 Horoscopes Explained

Your Q4 Horoscopes Explained


Check your cynicism at the door. Our resident SL astrologer Fiona Graham is turning her attention to blokes with this roundup of what’s in store for the rest of Q4. Give it a read – you may be surprised…


21st March – 20th April

Now that influential and auspicious planets are stacked in your favour, you can rise to new heights. But listening to September’s sobering advice also has indisputable benefits. Mega energy-shifts will boost your progress, although any power struggles must be overcome – fortunately Aries Man is always game for a challenge. Get to grips with what you really want deep down to maximise your chances as well as to conquer old demons. This autumn aim high, as you’ll weave magic with workmates. And, with your usual enterprising spirit, make sure an authority figure can’t undermine you. Your fiery personality ignites hot desires and keeps any love interest on alert too. Boredom sets in when you aren’t tested, and an instant attraction in late 2022 injects pure adrenalin. It seems someone else’s energy matches your own; just beware of overloading the power-supply to avoid burning out... By December you’ll feel in control so can steam ahead with earlier opportunities. Most importantly of all you’ll end the year with a renewed sense of purpose. 


21st April – 21st May

It’s time to take a gamble on the future, even if Taurus Man sometimes favours playing safe. Success comes from knowing why a particular direction has a magnetic hold on you. Getting ahead means revisiting the past and September’s fresh insight reveals that former goals may now be irrelevant.  Without doubt, risk-taking opens doors and October’s return on an investment is proof enough... Follow your instincts yet also listen to sound advice from genuine experts. Tough love at work or play will also turn out to be a blessing. Winter offers glimpses into the secrets of someone’s heart and the scene looks set to get a little stormy. A sultry admirer will keep you on your toes. Commitment issues also need to be addressed, and a mature attitude is essential. Consciously working at relationships will deliver. Unreliable behaviour is usually a red rag to the bull, so only give your all to those you trust. It’s time to break new ground especially in your personal life. Yet do your best to keep tabs on that possessive streak through December...


22nd May – 21st June

Close collaborations will be gold dust, although it takes courage to commit. Some of your success will be instant, although it may be a case of ‘easy come easy go’. Try not to dismiss a measured strategy, despite your usual flexible approach. Bolts from the blue in September/October will have money-spinning potential – you’ll find yourself in the hot seat, so you need to disregard any niggling fears. You are set to impress and take charge despite the tension this causes with some. Probing other people’s motives is essential, so there is no point in skating over the surface. It is the perfect time to figure out strategies before December’s big decisions. All communications intensify and buried issues are bound to resurface – face up to this and genuine bonds will keep growing. You’ll also access the deepest recesses of someone’s mind, which is addictively erotic. However, when it comes to love, Gemini Man needs plenty of breathing space. Go with the flow of your constantly shifting stream of ideas, but this winter will also teach you volumes about loyalty…


22nd June – 22nd July

A favourite scheme shows great promise, so this autumn is ideal for taking the plunge. Your best breaks involve networking, and one association that may seem off beat has a spark of genius. By October, if others are slacking, you’ll win by staying focused. The surprise is the form your gains will take; knowing how the land lies will put you in the driving seat. Try not to be swept off your feet by all the attention, and some over-enthusiastic reactions. Yet rest assured a boss’s words are a statement of faith in you. Exploring common interests with new contacts proves endlessly rewarding. In December there are still people to convince, and this demands patience and listening.  Meanwhile, a little dicing with danger will awaken dormant, yet essential, truths. Cancer Man’s heart belongs to someone who genuinely respects your feelings, so you tend to protect yourself until sure of your ground. True love for you means solid mutual support as well as a hotbed of passion. 2022’s soul mate is sensitive to your moods but also able to tease you out of your shell...


23rd July – 23rd August

Your horizons are expanding at work and at play. Leo Man has plenty of star quality, which is highly effective if you don’t overplay your hand... September’s top advice impacts on your money and how you earn it. Events this autumn rekindle your interest in abandoned ventures, and you’ll see how things went wrong before. Unexpected changes at work are positive, and inspired decisions will be a win-win for shared goals too. Meanwhile a few lifestyle adjustments garner plenty of approval. In November you’re on dynamic form and may encounter an old flame who illuminates the future. Progress with others is mirrored in extraordinary discoveries about yourself. You’ll soon see how high-profile recognition is linked to apparently low-key achievements. Other advantages to looking after yourself manifest in December’s sexier moments. In your love life a co-lead’s light must shine bright but not eclipse yours… This Christmas you may be tempted to overdo treating someone. Just take note that their priceless gift to you is appreciation of simple pleasures.


24th August - 23rd September

The success you’ll value most involves aspirations you have so far kept close to your chest. September’s developments should inject fresh motivation and confidence. Your innate common sense helps you steer clear of rash moves, but don’t let caution stifle you. Despite the discreet approach which Virgo Man is admired for, it’s time to unleash your personal power and show you mean business. This autumn an ongoing, possibly private, struggle may be exposed, but this turns out to be a unique chance to settle old scores. Tact and charm make you highly persuasive. Leaps of faith in all arenas can succeed, and you’ll attract attention in November/December. Self-fulfilment means ignoring easier options and overcoming barriers in dealings with others. There’s a risk of over-stretching, but don’t stress it…This winter being a true adventurer will land your most impressive catch. In your personal life you like to know all the answers straight away, but a genuine love-match insists you let some of these gradually reveal themselves. Appreciate someone who communicates precisely, but bends the rules so passions can run wild.


23rd September – 23rd October

New opportunities have the power to reshape your direction – what initially seems run-of-the mill may have brilliant potential. In September this probably means putting your neck on the line to solve work dilemmas. Any campaign for success requires innate Libra Man diplomacy, yet you must also avoid indecisiveness… It’s time to let past experiences, and lessons learned, inform the future. Travel at this time will lead to feeling at home on foreign ground, and you’ll benefit from a steep learning curve. October’s developments serve to highlight your priorities, and it seems anything is possible in love and friendship too. High drama this December might feel alarming, but you’ll gain most by embracing it. As a sexy plot unfolds, you can’t fail to be intrigued and energised. In romance you tend to seek a meeting of minds, yet some conflict is actually healthy for you… As usual you’ll aim to please, but an exceptional person encourages you to be more demanding. Perhaps intellectual compatibility and emotional challenges are the perfect combination now?


24th October – 22nd November

Redressing your life/work balance is one of autumn’s main missions. With your X-ray vision you’ll also hit on a scheme that shakes things up in a positive way. By October this includes resurrecting old projects, which is an inspired move. Just be aware that sparks could fly with colleagues, although this is nothing you can’t handle. Loyal allies will be invaluable in helping you play to your strengths, so don’t overlook even the most unusual offers of help. Never lose sight of the fact that Scorpio Man has an incomparable gift for probing deep into issues, yet right now breadth of vision is also vital. You may be thrown off guard by a romantic bombshell too, but ultimately as a result of this your confidence will soar. You may well be surprised by what genuinely appeals to you at this time. Your close relationships tend to be ‘all or nothing’. Of course, you can go for the intensity you desire in love and lust, but don’t underestimate how a particular person’s light touch is a ray of sunshine during dark winter days, and at the same time is capable of unleashing unbridled passion.


23rd November – 21st December

Your energy and focus now shift to core values and top priorities. Although this might cause friction, personal or professional, in September/October it leads to uncovering buried treasure. You may need to backtrack over earlier decisions and rethink some commitments, but this will deliver the consolidation you need. You’ll now feel free to be your most confident self, empowered to explore and speculate in true Sagittarius Man style. This autumn/winter is all about calculated risks, and some unusual career choices might test a few boundaries at home… A softly-softly approach is very helpful, and your talents will be admired in unexpected quarters, plus your increased self-belief will revitalise relationships of all kinds. You can’t resist the quest for adventure in love too, and now nothing stands in your way.  By December you’ll be steaming ahead but need to watch your step a little as it might sometimes prove too much for someone else. A kindred spirit intuitively navigates the highway to wild loving, and yet also helps to keep you grounded.


22nd December – 20th January

The scene is set for you to take quantum leaps forward, at work and elsewhere. This requires typical Capricorn Man determination, as well as laying some old ghosts to rest. From September you’ll need to take a leap of faith and embrace uncertainty. You’ll also rise above colleagues’ power trips and direct your own destiny. It’s a challenge for you to resist the urge to play safe, yet by November it’s clear that risk has spectacular pay-offs. The need for change affects your personal life profoundly… and as you tackle some darker issues ironically things get brighter. Winter’s Eureka moment highlights various nitty-gritty aspects to shared goals and dreams – feelings may run high but your sound instincts will win through. Being an unstoppable force this winter you can expect a breakthrough in a truly special relationship too. You are a skilled long-term strategist in many ways, but need to steer clear of taking on too many binding commitments. When it comes to love, hold out for a magical mix of maturity and spontaneity, and then you’ll scale the heights of desire. 


21st January – 18th February

September’s unique and unusual developments suit Aquarius Man perfectly. As usual you’ll make the most of networking but be on alert for someone’s tendencies to over-promise. By steering a steady course this autumn you’ll make stunning progress with ongoing projects, and with some you hadn’t dreamt up until now. Grab every chance to be your original, inspiring self. Although clashes over cash require attending to the mundane details too. Intriguing events unfolding behind the scenes should simply serve to sharpen your awareness, and you’ll use your fertile imagination in all aspects of life. In November reminders from the past may have miraculous future repercussions if you give them the attention they deserve, plus a mystery admirer may well emerge from the shadows. A like-minded rebel promises all the romantic excitement you crave but avoid letting anyone have the power to distract you from hard-won gains in other areas. This winter you can strike a balance between heart-racing experiences in love and finding the stability you (perhaps secretly) crave.


19th February – 20th March

Other people help turn your fortunes round, which is all about genuine collaboration. Yet you must also stamp your authority, even if it goes against the grain. In September someone seems to be vying for control, but with clear communication you’ll handle this. Be true to yourself and you’ll be blown away by the positive response. Pisces Man’s sixth sense leads you to read between the lines at work and see there is more to some behaviour than meets the eye. This knowledge is definitely power... By November, despite your tendency to put others’ interests first at times, pursuing your goals is vital. You won’t regret it. In December intriguing newcomers appear on the scene and your social life will flourish as you spread the net. Your enigmatic persona is super-seductive, and you cherish your loved ones. Yet by giving too freely you can sometimes feel let down. As always, an intuitive approach to love is important, especially as there is someone out there who equals you in empathy and devotion; someone who also knows how to keep expectations realistic.

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