3 Reasons To Own Pyjamas


Putting on pyjamas should be a ritual, a signal it’s time to relax. But if your body’s really going to get the message, you need some serious sleepwear. The luxury option is a full set in a soft, lightweight and breathable fabric; if you’re not ready to go all out, choose a stylish separate and team with a pure cotton tee. Here are three reasons why it’s worth upgrading your sleeping attire…
1. Pyjamas Help You Switch Off

Ultimately, PJs are for comfort and practicality, but they also mark the transition from day to night, argues the team behind Budd London. “Pyjamas are a dignified form of loungewear and ensure that you’re presentable (at any time of day). They also show respect for yourself, your downtime and a recognition of clocking off mindfully.” Olivia Francis of Chiltern Street's Hamilton and Hare agrees: “We spend a third of our lives in bed, and a good night’s sleep is the most important thing for positive physical and mental health. Wearing a quality pair of pyjamas will make you feel comfortable and help you sleep well. And if you’re staying with the in-laws or have young children, they are essential.”

2. They Look Good 

Historically, men’s sleepwear options have tended to be pretty conservative and old school or to focus on t-shirts and soft jersey material trousers. Today, brands are bridging the gap between comfort and traditional, with more contemporary designs in cool colours and fabrics. Sunspel menswear designer David Telfer believes pyjamas should be versatile. “Trousers should be easily paired with a t-shirt, or you should be able to wear the jacket as a shirt.” That said, comfort takes priority over body shape. Ensure yours are roomy enough not to obstruct you when lounging around or stretched out.

3. They Could Aid A Better Night’s Sleep 

“Temperature regulation is one of the most important elements for getting a good night’s sleep” says Olivia. “Your body temperature rises when you sleep, so it’s important to wear breathable, natural fabrics that are comfortable.” Look for materials like linen that are moisture-wicking to keep you cool and dry during the night. As Jessica Mason, founder of linen lifestyle brand Piglet, explains: “Linen is the most moisture-absorbent option. It keeps you warm and cosy in the winter, and is fresh and breezy in the summer months. It’s also surprisingly low maintenance – simply wash at 40ºC and leave un-ironed.”


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