How To Find The Right Suit
How To Find The Right Suit

How To Find The Right Suit


They say it’s better to show than to tell. Well, here we’re doing both. Dominic Sebag-Montefiore –creative director of Savile Row tailor Edward Sexton – can tell you his 10 tips for finding the right suit. And Maiya can show you what that suit might look like…

Fit Is Key

Get the cut of your suit right and you will stand out in a subtle way. People will notice how good you look, and will not be able to put their finger on why. Contrast linings and special buttonholes may be fun, but they will never make up for a poorly fitting suit.


Luxury Is Not Always Best

When choosing cloth, trust your tailor’s expertise. Luxurious cloth is not always the best. Many of the more luxurious cloths are delicate and crease easily. They feel lovely against the skin, which is great if you have many garments to choose from, and can rotate them and get them pressed regularly. For anyone else wanting to look immaculate, a cloth with some body will hold its shape and usually crease less than a luxurious cloth.


Pick A Cut That Suits You

Try on some styles and see what works for you. If you try and emulate people with a very different figure and lifestyle, it may not be the best thing for you. Develop your own style that suits your body and lifestyle.


Keep It Simple

The garment you try on should be close to what you expect to get. Length and waist measures can be easily adjusted – anything else can be a bit of a gamble, so if you want more than that, it’s best to go for bespoke. Just remember, you don’t need to choose every feature and detail there is. By all means, if there are extra things you want, add them, but you don’t need to add all the options. There is a reason the classics are the classics.


Make Sure You’re Feeling It

A suit should feel good, and you should feel good in it. Try on a fitting garment. If you don’t feel good, you are in the wrong place. It should be ‘hell yes’ or move on.


Made-To-Measure Is Not For Everyone

Some people will be fine with a ready-to-wear suit plus a few alterations, while others will need to go fully bespoke to see a noticeable difference. If you don't have average proportions, made-to-measure is a great option – because if you alter ready-to-wear too much, the proportions don't work. For the ultimate fit, go for bespoke.


Be Bold And Trust The Process

Having clothes made bespoke is for the bold. We are so used to trying something on and buying it. When you have something made, it will never be quite as you imagine, so be open to the surprise of the process – you may end up with something better than you imagined.


Check The Light

Fabric can look quite different in different light. Check out the fabric you choose in the lights you plan to wear the suit in – you can take the swatches to the daylight, or look at them in soft light to see what they will look like in the evening.


Allow Plenty Of Time

If you are having a suit made for a special occasion, allow plenty of time. Our made-to-measure service typically takes 6-8 weeks, but we suggest allowing three months, in case there are delays, and so the customer has time to put shoes, shirts, ties and so on with the suit. This also leaves time for any last-minute tweaks.


Trust Your Tailor

A good tailor should know their blocks and what will work on you. Try getting a recommendation from people who have had good experiences. The aim is to find someone who you think gets you, your needs and your style – and then take their advice. Tell your tailor what you need, what occasions you will need to wear your clothes, how you want to wear them, how you want to look and feel, and let them guide you through the process. 

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