Your Style Questions Answered

Your Style Questions Answered


From wardrobe overhauls to statement pieces worth investing in, Greg Zimmerman has the answers. In his second style clinic for SLMan, our impeccably dressed columnist solves three more of your wardrobe dilemmas.

Go See A Tailor

If your clothes fit properly, you’ll immediately look more refined. There’s nothing more important, if you want to elevate any outfit, than ensuring the perfect fit. Pay a visit to your local tailor, ask them to make the necessary adjustments, and thank me later.


    Invest In Outerwear

    Quality statement outerwear – like a double-breasted wool overcoat or a shearling-lined leather flight jacket – defines your silhouette and can glamourise inexpensive basics and accessories. It’s often the first thing people notice, drawing attention away from other elements of your outfit. It’s the sartorial equivalent of the lobster with your spaghetti, and definitely worth investing in.


      Stick To Tonal Colours

      Darker colours and tonal outfits make things seem more expensive. Fact. Colours fade easily and are much less convincing on cheaper fabrics. Stay away from overly complicated prints and motifs – they never compare to more discerning or expensive alternatives.


        Roll Your Sleeves & Cuff Your Trousers

        This doesn't necessarily make the garment seem more expensive or of higher quality, but it will definitely make it seem like you are higher quality. You’ll look more considered – like you've taken some care and put some thought into your dressing – and it will give more life to those slightly-too-long trousers or that marginally too-oversized t-shirt.


          Try The French Tuck

          This involves tucking in only the front of your shirt into your trousers (preferably with a belt). It makes your legs look longer and defines your waistline so you cut a sharper shape while still allowing for a relaxed and casual drape at the back. 


            Replace Cheap Buttons

            This might require a bit of DIY (or in my case, asking my partner for her help) but replacing cheap-looking buttons is a great way to enrich a piece. Think brass, tortoiseshell, horn, even pearl or shell, and try it out on blazers, jackets, suits, and jeans.

              I really could go on and on here, but some other tips include:

              • Polish your shoes – and replace their soles with something sturdier.
              • Stay away from distressed clothes.
              • Don’t wash your clothes as much – and put denim in the freezer overnight instead of a washing machine.
              • Invest in high quality, fabric-specific detergents and softeners (Kair and Laundress are some of my favourites).
              • Press or steam your outfit (a trouser press and a hand-held steamer are both good options).
              • Ensure a smooth silhouette under your clothes – switch up bunchy boxers for svelte trunks that contour.


              As Vivienne Westwood once said, “Buy less, choose well and do it yourself!” Prioritise items that carry gravitas: shoes, a watch, a great jacket, glasses if you wear them, sunglasses if you don’t, and build from there. Invest in key, quality pieces that are as functional as they are stylish, like a field jacket or safari overshirt, selvedge denim or a tailored cargo pant. Look at brands like Grenfell, Filson, Shinola, Timothy Everest and Sunspel. I'm also a firm believer in ensuring your personality is reflected in your wardrobe. To look stylish and not trend-led, that's where you should start – with what you actually like, not what you're supposed to like.

              Go for a jacket. Suede or leather. Think Schott NYC, Thedi Leathers, BLK DNM, Private White V.C. or Cromford Leather Co. Nothing anchors an outfit like a jacket. This season it’s all about a biker silhouette. Biker jackets were endorsed by so many social and cultural movements of the 20th century. They are an historic piece every man should own. They’ll stand the test of time, will never go out of style, and are versatile. Hang nonchalantly over the shoulder when it's warmer. Zip up, pop the collar and accessorise with a scarf when it's colder.

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