How To Curate A Stylish Bedside Table

How To Curate A Stylish Bedside Table


A bedside table doesn’t only have to be a functional storage solution – it can easily up the style stakes of your entire bedroom. To help you curate the ultimate bedside table, SLMan asked interior designer Katherine Pooley for her top styling tips…

Invest In A Pair

“If you have room, two bedside tables are better than one. They’re a wonderful way to embellish your bedroom, adding that finishing touch to your space. When searching for the right pair, it’s important to ensure your tables not only give you the look you want, but also suit your needs, too. They should be functional and offer extra storage, but still have space for some tasteful ornaments, or a houseplant. When it comes to size, go as wide as your space will allow to make room for generous table lamps and plenty of tabletop space.” 

Mismatch Them With Your Furniture 

“Although it’s tempting to match your bedside tables to your furniture, they’re a great way to create contrast in the bedroom and make your collection feel a little more curated. Consider vintage or even mismatched pieces and get creative – just make sure there is a common thread that compliments the rest of the room, be it the colour or material of the pieces. Ensure the tables are functional and suit the needs for your space. I love selenite, shagreen or straw marquetry bedside tables – a specialist finish adds a real wow factor.” 

Keep An Eye On The Trends

“It’s important to invest in something that reflects your own personal style, but if you’re looking for more of a trend-focused piece, consider a bedside table in an art-deco style – the classic, clean lines will work well in almost any interior style. A classic cocktail table is another trend to watch out for this year, as well as nature-inspired pieces with earthy tones.”

Choose Your Ornaments Carefully

“Once you’ve chosen the right tables, think about selecting some thoughtful ornaments that will compliment your bedroom. A classic combination for a masculine space is a beautiful crystal lamp, an elegant alarm clock, a small bud vase, and a leather tray with a water carafe. If the space allows, I love small shagreen or metallic photo frames, too. Of course, you’ll also need space in the drawers for practical items such as reading glasses, books and any other personal items you reach for at bedtime.”

Textured Gold Topped Bedside Table, £275 | Cox & Cox
Textured Gold Topped Bedside Table, £275 | Cox & Cox
"Less is more, and although it may be tempting to add a selection of unique accessories to the display, a few key accents will look more polished than a random assortment of pieces."

Avoid Clutter

“Try to avoid too many ornaments on display, which can look cluttered and take away the function of the table. Less is more, and although it may be tempting to add a selection of unique accessories to the display, a few key accents will look more polished than a random assortment of pieces. Try to avoid keeping your phone beside your bed, too – it can disrupt your sleep and take away from the relaxing atmosphere.”

Choose A Statement Lamp

“A statement lamp is a great way to accessorise the space in a functional way. Match them with a sentimental photo or trinket dish to add a personal touch, being sure to leave room to arrange a few of your favourite books. It’s a good idea to have matching lamps for each bedside table, but if your space is on the modern side, don’t be afraid to have choose two separate designs – if done well, it can look really elegant.”

Consider A Wall Hanging Table

“If you don’t have space for a bedside table at all, consider a wall-hanging table which is fixed to the wall. They’re a great storage solution for compact spaces and they can add a modern edge to a space, while providing all the convenience of a classic bedside table. Again, less is more so don’t clutter it with lots of ornaments, rather choose one or two pieces that’ll stand out. For a hanging table, bedside wall lights are a great option and will also save on space.”


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