How To Really Sort Out Your Wardrobe


There will probably never be a better time to organise your wardrobe. From messy sock drawers to old jumpers, a full clear-out might look daunting, but don’t sweat it – this will help.

Be clinical

You can clear some physical and mental space by finally getting rid of those old favourites you’ve been clinging onto. Break your wardrobe down to essentials by dividing it into three piles: Regulars (the pieces you like and wear daily); Nos (you never wear them and never will); and The Rest.


Divide The Rest into two categories

Pack away the pieces that don’t apply to the current season – heavy duty coats, thick knitwear, etc. The rest of The Rest should be those styles you’re not quite sure how to wear – things you like, and would like to wear more, but just can’t work out what to style them with.


Box up the Nos

Set aside high-street pieces in good conditions for charity stores. Anything worth selling, stick straight online: try Vestiaire Collective (which now has a comprehensive menswear tab), Depop or Ebay. For those mismatched socks and other odds and ends, save them for initiatives like H&M’s, which gives you vouchers in exchange for used clothing it can recycle.


Find some new combinations

Combine your Regulars with those Rest extras you’re not really sure how to wear. Chances are you’ll get some fresh inspo.


Sort out your storage

You won’t be able to get your wardrobe in order unless you have appropriate storage, so it’s time to assess your space and consider what you might need. We recommend storage baskets for tees, sweaters and other pieces that are best shelved, while matching hangers will instantly tidy up the look – chuck out those wire, dry-cleaning ones (they’re not supporting your clothes properly) and instead invest in non-slip velvet versions. Draw dividers will help when it comes to socks, boxers and all those other little bits.


Group things by category, obviously

That means one drawer or shelf for jeans, one for sweatshirts, etc. Forget folding – it only takes up unnecessary space. Instead, much like when packing for holiday, rolling will keep your clothes crease-free and is much more space efficient. You could also try colour coding to make finding things that bit easier.


Invest in some accessories

Finally, you need a few crucial tools to maintain your sharp and streamlined new wardrobe. Whether it’s shoe trees or a great steamer, a debobbler for cashmere or a lint roller, there are affordable, small additions you can make to keep your wardrobe in the best shape possible.



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