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Igee Okafor: My Style Rules
Founder of the stylish Bond Official magazine, Igee Okafor knows what it takes to look good. From core wardrobe essentials to the finishing touches that make an outfit just right, he gave SLMan his style dos and don’ts…

DO Take Time To Review Before Purchasing 

I know a lot of men who shop based on what they see others wearing at any one time. Before investing in any item of clothing, no matter how affordable or expensive, you should make sure it suits your fit, style and taste. Otherwise, nine times out of ten, it ends up heading to charity. Do you prefer sweatshirts or hoodies? Crewneck sweaters or turtlenecks? What are your colours? Do you feel like yourself when you wear said item? These are the sorts of questions you should ask yourself as you weigh the pros and cons to find the best use of your money. Personal style is all about you. It’s not about trends or trying to be relevant. It has to be sustainable for you and your lifestyle.

DO Buy The Things You Need Before The Things You Want

Before splurging on the latest releases from any brand, it is important to own everyday items you need, whether it be for work, casual hangouts or formal events. Impulsive or careless shopping can lead you to own items that are tricky to repurpose. Think about your lifestyle. Are collared shirts needed? Are sneakers needed? Swimwear? Jeans? Tuxedos? The list goes on. To begin with, make sure you’re stocking up on things in your essential categories – and in neutral colourways and design. You want whites, browns and navy. This lays a foundation that makes it easier when you start to explore more style options.

DON’T Follow The Trends

Trends serve as a marketing tool for mass consumption. I appreciate they can be an exciting opportunity to update your personal style, but for me this approach is just too wasteful. Orson Welles put it well in one of my favourite quotes: “Create your own visual style. Let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.”

"Personal style is all about you. It’s not about trends or trying to be relevant. It has to be sustainable for you and your lifestyle."

DO Make Sure You Can Style A Piece Multiple Ways

There’s nothing less rewarding than buying something you can’t wear because it doesn’t go with anything in your closet. Unless you’re going to purchase a full look, this is something to consider when buying with the aim of durability. Refer to the earlier note about shopping for neutrals.

DO Consider Custom

If fit is important for your personal style and you’re finding it hard to find clothing that fits, you don’t have to settle. Look for brands that are willing to create clothing for you from scratch with your input. This may be a more expensive way to shop, but the upside is you don’t have to keep replacing your clothing with more styles you’re not excited about.


DO Repair Everything

Taking care of your clothing doesn’t stop at washing and dry cleaning. It also includes retailoring, repairing and treating stains. Don’t just toss white sneakers because they’re stained; look for DIY ways to clean them up. Don’t just toss your coat because there’s a tear; find a tailor who can rework it. This approach will save you a lot of money in the long run.

DON’T Wear Anything You’re Not Comfortable In

There’s nothing more obvious than a man who feels uncomfortable in his clothing.

"Taking care of your clothing doesn’t stop at washing and dry cleaning. It also includes retailoring, repairing and treating stains."

DON’T Forget The Details 

When it comes to exploring more ways to elevate your look, accessories are a simple way to start. Consider starting a wrist watch collection and think about other pieces like signet rings, bracelets and belting styles. 

DO Prioritise Grooming 

There isn’t a better complement to personal style than being well groomed. My essentials include skincare, haircare and fragrance. 

DON’T Try Too Hard

The best you can do is be yourself. If it feels like you have too much on, you probably do, so take something off. If an outfit doesn’t make you feel good or sure of yourself, you shouldn’t be wearing it. There are more alternatives than you think – and enjoy the process of finding them. It should be more empowering than stressful. 

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