My Style Rules: Alex Field

My Style Rules: Alex Field


Alex Field joined Reiss in 2004, as soon as he finished a degree in fashion design. Now its director of menswear, he has witnessed first hand the rise in demand for men’s jewellery, sneaker culture and Scandinavian denim. But there are still some timeless style rules he follows…

Describe your style in three words…
To be honest, my style is: ‘What. I. Like.’ I just buy things I like or need at that moment. I just go where the wind takes me. I guess that’s why I like this subject so much. There should be no boxing in or fences, just freedom to change or express yourself whenever. Some days I care for a look; some days I don’t. I’d probably be quite mortified to hear someone describe my style. Best I stop thinking about this now.

Let’s start at the beginning of the day. If you’re WFH at the moment, what are you wearing around the house?
More than ever, comfort is king. I guess the lockdown brought out all my guilty pleasures: things I like wearing outside of the office that are cool and easy. Putting on a whole suit seems such a strange concept right now. With less money spent on commuting, more is going on health, wellbeing and home comforts, including sportwear, athleisure and sweats. Lululemon, Kith, Nike, Essentials by Fear of God and Aimé Leon Dore have never got so much of my attention.

How does that differ to how you would usually dress for the office?
It’s made me more carefree. I’m more comfortable and less stiff. I’m more expressive with colour and probably slightly more bonkers and varied depending on my mood. In the office, you kind of play a certain role and then get stuck with it. Something becomes your uniform and hard to change without people commenting.

keeping things simple is never a bad option. If in doubt, wear all black!

Are there particular clothing combinations you think always work?
Everything is down to you and how your outfit works for you. Saying that, keeping things simple is never a bad option. If in doubt, wear all black!

And anything that doesn’t work?
I’ve made the mistake in the past of thinking certain combos won’t work and then somehow they rear their head in a couple of years to prove me wrong. I’m not counting anything out right now.

Tell us about your most recent purchase…
It’s been so hot lately. Last week I bought a white t-shirt (you can never have too many) from Mr Porter. It’s plain all over, except on the chest, where it has a hand-drawn print in blue that just says ‘Family’. It’s part of the Health In Mind range, designed in partnership with Fear of God founder Jerry Lorenzo and his children. Net profits get donated to a charitable fund supporting men’s mental and physical health initiatives. I’ve worn it with grey marl jersey sweat shorts and a fresh pair of white sneakers.

If you could only shop in one place, where would it be?
Mr Porter is a great one-stop shop. It has everything these days… Well, apart from Reiss.

And what five things couldn’t you live without?
That’s a tough one. My Rolex watch, Byredo scents, P Johnson baseball cap, whisky and my cigar collection.

What are your rules on tailoring?
Fit is key. You want to look razor sharp but not uncomfortable and uptight – just at ease and confident. And don’t let the accessories to a suit let you down. I’ve seen people spend good money on a suit only to wear terrible shoes, make a bad choice of socks or end up with a poorly knotted tie.

Fit is key. You want to look razor sharp but not uncomfortable and uptight – just at ease and confident.

What would you wear to a black tie event?
I like the black-tie dress code because it puts more emphasis on the finer details. I’m a bit of a traditionalist; I think the invite clearly wants everyone to adhere to some set of rules. I have always worn a dinner jacket, whether that be black, midnight, off white and more recently velvet, depending on my comfort levels with the occasion – and always a black Tom Ford bow tie. He does a great pre-tied one that looks like you’ve tied it yourself.

And if it was a more casual event?
Usually a more comfortable blazer with a modern trouser. Depending on the event, I’d likely pair it with a smart trainer such as a pair of Common Projects and maybe a clean T shirt or fine-gauge knit. You can always take the blazer off if the event turns out to be more casual, or goes on into the night and you need to loosen off.

Summer dressing – how should guys get it right?
Embrace the summer vibes. Don’t be one of those guys sweating it out, uncomfortably trying to hold on to your autumnal style. Think about fit and fabric. It’s always good to look at how older gents in hotter climates just look so natural and at ease with it. The looser linen shirt, a seersucker pair of trousers teamed with a vintage pair of sunglasses. Go with it and embrace the change.

What are your summer style essentials?
White or black t-shirts; Oliver Peoples sunnies; Vilebrequin or Hartford shirts; baseball caps.

Any rules on summer footwear?
Day to day, I rely on my slip-on Vans. Black, white or checkerboard, they’re super easy and comfortable. Poolside, I’m more of a sliders man than struggling in flip flops. Formally, a comfortable soft suede loafer does the trick.

Where do you buy your denim?
I’m generally a fan of the Scandinavian denim brands and find their fit works with my body shape. At the moment I’m wearing NN07, Our Legacy and Frame. Though some of my longstanding best jeans are Acne and APC.

What is your footwear collection like?
Pretty sneaker heavy. All my footwear is at the bottom of my wardrobe and it’s getting out of control. I should probably be using this lockdown time to have a clear out. When new sneakers get released to market, there’s a hype around them and you feel this ‘gotta have ’em’ impulse to buy them. To be honest, I could probably count on one hand the footwear that I really rely on and wear the most.

Are you into jewellery?
I didn’t used to be. I was always more of a watch person and focused on that, with a couple of bracelets added in summer. But times have changed, styles have emerged and there are some great brands now doing bracelets, cuffs, chains and rings in cool ways. I’m still trying to find what works for me. Unfortunately, I don’t have the swag of Travis Scott to pull most of it off. 

Finally, whose style do you admire?
I think anyone who looks like they are doing what works for them and having fun, with a sense of authority and direction. At the moment, I’m inspired by the way the likes of Junya Matano, Jerry Lorenzo, ASAP Rocky and Travis Scott all put outfits together. I think it pushes the culture forward in the same way I still admire the style of Steve McQueen, Alain Delon and Basquiat in their heydays. Who’s next? I don’t now, but I’m excited.
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