The Supplement That Does It All

The Supplement That Does It All

Lumity for Men has created a male supplement that works not only to boost overall wellness but to counteract ageing. By supporting your body around the clock, they increase energy levels during the day and aid a solid night’s sleep. We’ve partnered with Lumity to reveal how its unique two-step supplements work.

Firstly, how do Lumity’s new Morning & Night Male supplements work?
Essentially it’s a two-step delivery system that ensures men get the right nutrients at the right time of day according to their specific needs. There’s one combination of ingredients in the capsules they take in the morning and another at night.
Lumity’s morning capsules contain an effective team of functional nutrients that when combined promote perfect immune function; counteract the imbalance that leads to stress; reduce tiredness and fatigue; support healthy joints, muscles, teeth and bones; keep your skin supple and healthy, and upgrade cognitive function to sustain alertness and concentration throughout the day. All in all they enhance the body’s active daytime mode.
The night capsules harness the regenerative properties of the body's night-time mode. This time is vital to repair all the damage we accumulate during the day from environmental toxins and just from being alive in active mode. As the body rests, the nutrients support the overnight processes that happen as we sleep like cell repair, which in layman’s terms translates to benefits like healthy skin, or less brain fog. If your body isn’t optimised it doesn’t perform these tasks as well.

What are the key ingredients to know about?
The supplement is made up of carefully combined nutrients that work together to support the body's optimum health. These combinations or ‘teams’ as we call them are all led by game-changing amino acids, such as taurine, arginine, acetyl-l-carnitine and alanine. Lumity also contains essential nutrients such as turmeric which contributes to healthy skin and omegas for brain health.
The male supplement contains the same ingredients as Lumity's female supplement but with three additional functional ingredients to specifically enhance men’s health, endurance and vitality. These include: L-Citrulline for energy, Pumpkin Seed Oil for prostate health and Taurine. 

"Lumity already has thousands of clients across the globe who rave about the benefits they experience from their supplements."

There are myriad supplements out there, so why this?

Because Lumity already has thousands of clients across the globe who rave about the benefits they experience from their supplements.

A key selling point is the simplicity of taking just one supplement (in a 2-step formula for morning and night) that gives noticeable results healthy skin, hair and nails; increased energy; reduced tiredness, more focus and balance, stronger bones, muscles and teeth plus boosted immunity.

Ultimately they’ve done the hard work, so you don’t have to.  And we hear that Lumity's clients say it is much more than just another super supplement, it’s an enhanced way of life.​  Try Lumity's male supplements and experience the benefits for yourself by using the code SHEERLUXE20 for 20% off your first purchase - or 20% off the first 3 months when you subscribe.



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